Houston Rockets: Is Asik The Next Mutombo?

I know it’s just the preseason but is it possible Omer Asik is on his way to becoming the most dominant rebounding and defensive big man in the game? The Houston Rockets sure hope so, the similarities between Asik and former 8-time All-Star Dikembe Mutombo are mind boggling.

Let’s get to the similarities of Asik and Dikembe. Both guys are 7ft, limited on the offensive end, block shots and rebound at a high rate. Their numbers are also very similar so far. Mutombo averaged 9.8 points and 10.3 rebounds a game in his career. Asik is averaging 8 points and 11 rebounds a game so far in the preseason. Asik hasn’t blocked many shots yet but I’m sure it will come with more minutes and more opportunities in the regular season. Mutombo is one of the greatest shot blockers of all time so it will be hard for anyone to compare to that.

One thing that Asik has that Mutombo never had is potential on the offensive end. Coach Kevin McHale raves about Omer’s passing abilities for a big man. Asik also cuts to the basket farily well for someone his size. He gets easy putbacks and ferocious dunks down low with ease. Mutombo struggled offensively throughout his career. Most of his points were scored on putbacks and dunks down low. Asik is working hard on his jump shot and hook shot in the painted area. The Rockets don’t need Asik to score much, but it would help the shooters outside to get more open looks if you could dump it down in the post on occasion.

It’s only been four games but this is what I expected Asik to do all along. I expect him to keep up this pace throughout the season. Asik has many skeptics that think he was overpaid and will turn out to be a bust. He may be overpaid, but this kid is far from a bust. If his conditioning continues to improve his stats will continue to go up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lead the league in rebounding and blocked shots in his first year as a starter.

Mutombo is one of the greatest defensive players to ever walk this earth. He’s also one of the greatest rebounding big men of all time. People underrated him throughout his career. Asik is also being underrated so far in his career. If Asik can do anything close to what Mutombo accomplished in his career Asik will be a total steal. The Rockets may not have gotten the dominant offensive scorer they wanted down low, but they did get the dominant defensive stopper they have missed since Hakeem the Dream hung them up.

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  • wbronco

    Worst part about the Rockets/Spurs game wasn’t the score, it was the announcer.

  • wbronco

    We really need an announcer with some life and enthusiasm for the game. I was at the game and the announcer was un-informative and I actually thought he was taking a bathroom break. Tell me and my guest what’s going on, what the penalty was for, etc… Next time I’ll wear a headset and listen to it on the radio while at the game.

    • Kyle Adams

      It was that bad? Last game i went to last season the announcer didn’t bother me. Hopefully that changes during the season.

  • seanbergmanrules

    Mutombo played from age 25 to 35 without ever scoring fewer than 10 pts a game. I’m hopeful for Asik as well, but you are seriously downplaying Mutombo’s offense.

    • Kyle Adams

      Mutombo NEVER had a jump shot and had a average post game at best. Most of Mutombo’s points came off putbacks.

      • seanbergmanrules

        Citation needed.

        I’m not saying the guy was Hakeem, but if you’re going to say that Omer has more offensive potential than he ever did, you probably need to address the fact that, statistically, he was a more than solid offensive contributor for the first ten years of his career.

        • Kyle Adams

          Asik has only been working on his offensive game for the last six weeks with the Rockets and he’s already 10 times better than he ever was as a member of the Bulls. If he can continue to work on it and get better the sky is the limit. Don’t get me wrong, i loved Mutombo’s game.

  • Adult Supervisor

    Look at the box score for last night’s Memphis game. Omer was going up against Marc Gasol, one of the best centers in the NBA. Gasol played 25 minutes, shot 1 for 7, made 2 of four free throws, had 5 rebounds, and 3 personal fouls. He scored 4 total points.

    Asik played 22 minutes, shot 3 for 6, made 3 of 3 free throws, had 9 rebounds, and 6 personal fouls. He scored 9 total points.

    Looks to me like Omer Asik got the best of that matchup. If he can do that against the leagues best centers, he’ll have a great year.