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Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin Is A True Point Guard

A lot of people have been skeptical of Jeremy Lin, especially during this year’s preseason. Not me, I still see a lot of potential waiting to bust out. He may not be the superstar everyone wants him to be, but he is becoming the true point guard nobody thought he would become.

Lin’s shot has been terrible in the preseason. Not because he’s a bust but because he missed so much time after having knee surgery. It takes time to get your shot back. Every shooter has a specific rhythm in their shot and in order to become the shooter he was before his surgery he will need to get it back. It always comes back fans trust me, once a shooter, always a shooter. Lin has a nice touch on his shot if you go back to his Knicks days. Once he gets it back he will be the dynamic guard everyone has grown to love.

Defensively Lin has had his ups and downs in the preseason. He got schooled by Russell Westbrook in the first game, but ever since then he has picked it up. Again, some of this is due to his knee issues. Once his leg is strong again I expect his defense to be much improved from last season. He did have four steals against the Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night.

The one big thing that has impressed me the most about Jeremy Lin so far is how he has ran the team. He is definitely the quarterback of this Houston Rockets squad and does it very well. His passing has been phenomenal so far. He also got 12 assists against the Grizzlies with only 2 turnovers. He’s finding the open man with ease, especially down low. Lin and Omer Asik have formed a special bond between guard and center. They’re always on the same page and you would think they have been playing together for years.

Has Lin struggled? Yes, but he’s also showed us some things we have never seen from him. He already knows his teammates so well on the floor and it will only get better. Give Lin some time before you start to panic, Rockets fans.

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  • Fei Hoong Wong

    True that. I was never a Rockets fan at all, but now I am because of JLin. He WILL be a great PG in this league. BOOK IT !!!

    • Kyle Adams

      Glad to have you aboard and thanks for reading. #RedNation

  • Gigi G

    No doubt about it – he is a TRUE point guard. But be patient. As a fan, I don’t judge him by one good or bad game. It is a five men game. We also sometimes have a bad or good day.

    I trust in Lin for sure, but it is still too early to give any comment and analysis based on the (-4) out of 82 games. (-4) I mean the season hasn’t started yet.

    People always enlarge his bad game stats, if he was with Lakers with 4 losses, he would be “killed” by those “featured columnists” ‘ articles.

    Go Lin! Be yourself, live up for yourself, show us your swag. No limitation in Rockets as your coach said, as well as the sky.

    • Kyle Adams

      I totally agree. people make too much out of his good and bad games. A lot of fans are worried about him right now. That’s why i thought write a piece about the positives so far.

      • Gigi G

        Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

  • Rockets Fan In NJ

    The Houston Rockets has many individually talented players. They will shine! I am a new Rockets fan and just spent about $179 for a NBA package in order to watch the games. I will not have spend the money adding my cable service if it was not for the Rockets!!

    • Kyle Adams

      That’s awesome! Thanks for reading.

  • William

    He had agood game, but I’m still looking for some sign of consistency. Show me that in the reg season then you’ll make me a believer

    • Kyle Adams

      Good point, William. Thanks for reading.

  • Ben

    I watch every clip I can find of this guy. I know a little about the game as a form H.S. PG myself. With that said, I am not sure that he is a true point guard in the sense that he is a natural facilitator first and shooter second. However, I do think he should be the guy bring the ball up the court. He is, in my opinion, a high octane player, that has a nose for the basket and can get there with relative ease, which results in a lot of good things happening – as he has shown in NY and Harvard (I’ve read the same was true in H.S.). He almost forces good things to happen with his tendency to take the ball to the hole. Yes, it seems that he has been working hard on being a passer first and a shooter second (and I think it could become second nature with time) but I think if he’s in a pressure situation where the clock is winding down or defense gives him an inch, my money is on him to instinctively take the ball to the hole or shoot with lots of success. His passing though will play a greater role with with time.

    • Kyle Adams

      I was also a H.S PG and i definitely see where you’re coming from. I just see that he’s making a real effort to find his teammates more than create for himself. I think that quality mixed with his ability to get to the hole is a big plus. Steve Nash has made a career out of it. Thanks for reading.

  • Noah

    Great article. He is naturally gifted and excting to watch . My bet is on him that he will deliver and even surprise us his fans on the the upside.

    • Kyle Adams

      Thank you. I really appreciate that.

  • cpcheung

    Wherever Lin is playing, every one of his teammates will fly high with no exception. That makes the difference! Lin is not a great shooter, nor a superstar, but he is a true team player and an unselfish leader. He will never try to stick out himself.

    • Kyle Adams

      Good point. Unselfish leader is a good quality to have in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

    • Whitman Lam

      LOL! All except Royce White, he wants to take the bus instead of getting on the team plane. “Anxiety Issues”.

      • cpcheung

        I wish Lin will ride with Royce White on the bus in order to keep a company with him….

  • Hilda

    I had never doubted him either. As a fan who chose to root for him with reasons more than his basketball skills and talent. What is more important is the character we see in this young fella. I will improve my kids to look up to him. This is what America and all over the world needs the most– a good model for the young generation! Lin has shown us the lessons of work ethics and good morals when one finally had a chance to shine. On top of that, he also taught us a lesson of forgiving– given what had happened to him, he remains humble and forgiving to all the negative treatment that he had received in the field of sports. And I want to thank him to be the pioneer in this field, so there will be many other Asian/Asian Americans who want to excel in other fields beside academics and science. Thank you, Jeremy Lin, for taking up the burden for being a trailblazer for all the younger Americans with Asian heritage to follow!

    • Kyle Adams

      I couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you for reading.

  • Believer

    Lin will be fine. He needs time to get used to his new team, new teamates, new system and new enviroments. His shooting is low now. That means his confidence is still not there. i just wonder is that because of his mentality change? he possibly gave himself a lot of pressure with that big contract. if he is still the bottom guy, it will be different? He should do the same thing like before, play for the glory of God and forget everything. He was a shooting gurad before in colledge. suddenly he lost that sense? that’s very strange. Maybe somebody did some curse on him?

    • Kyle Adams

      Thanks for reading!

    • cpcheung

      God prepare Lin for different missions! You should have faith! Lin is no longer seeking individual glory! His new mission is to build a new, young, and inexperienced team.

      • Believer

        I do have faith in Lin and I’m a big supporter of him. I’m just concerned about him. Don’t want him to be hurt by those terrible medias. I’m just thinking if his mind still like” I’ll be cut tomorrow. I have to do the best and play my game” . Will it be different? Sometimes mentality change caused bad results. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Ed To

    Good Read. I am among many who have become a Rockets fan because of Lin. Not too many players can inspire non sport fans to follow the game but Lin has that broad appeal. Normally I am the sports fanatic among friends, family, and co-workers but I am I am shock to see how everyone monitors his games. I suppose he is such a good person that most, not all people want to see do well. Due to injury and not playing NBA level for awhile he is just rusty and not up to game speed. As he gradually acclimates to his new team, I believe he will be an all star player. I can wait for the regular season to start.

    • Kyle Adams

      I agree. Thanks for reading.

  • john

    thanks Kyle for a good article. when Stephen A Smith knocked down Lin for having one bad game against the Heat , I thought it was stupid to judge based on one bad game. I like Lin because he makes his teammates better. the knicks Steve Novak had his best season and now has a nice new contract because of Lin. I believe Lin will make Asik and other rockets player better this season as well. I don’t know if Lin will become a superstar, but he created excitement for kincks fan last season which is something expensive Carmelo cannot do. yet guys like Stephen Smith is always finding reasons to knock down Lin and I simply don’t get it. it’s nice to read this article, thanks Kyle.

    • cpcheung

      May God forgive the soul of Mr. Stephen Smith! Jeremy Lin taught us not to hate, but to forgive!

    • Kyle Adams

      You are very welcome John. I totally agree with you as well. Don’t look into what Stephen A. Smith has to say too much. He is always over dramatic because that is what ESPN wants. It’s like a soap opera now.

  • lol

    Really? People are panicking? Two words, guys: Pre. Season.

    • Kyle Adams


  • cpcheung

    I am a new Rockets’ fan in Los Angeles. The story of Lin and Rockets become a part of my daily life excitement! I have learned how to accept criticism and forgive malicious attacks and unfair treatments on me from Lin’s sportsmanship!

  • Jeff Lim

    good article. will look forward for this 2012/2013 season for Houston Rocket

    • Roland Chan

      With so many whites out of work, I do not understand why you are cheering for Lin with a ridiculous $25 million contract?

      • Kyle Adams


    • Kyle Adams

      Thank you and i will be too.

  • Lin fan in Jersey

    Because of Lin, I’ll subscribe to NBA League Pass. I didn’t need it last year coming from NJ.

  • Houmpheng Phonsavath

    I think Houston will make a playoff this year for sure.

    • Kyle Adams

      I hope you’re right. Thanks for reading.

  • dtp

    My concern is that he sat for so long with a six-week injury. Don’t get me wrong, I love this young man, but I wonder why he wasn’t working on his game at some point in the summer; I would think he could have practiced his shot a bit more. Perhaps the injury was more serious? Or maybe he was being extremely careful? In any case, he has tremendous potential, and his desire to play the right way will benefit this team.

  • Richie Cheng

    Your problem is that Rockets are playing him as a spot up shooter. NOT a PG.

    they have a new PG in JHard…. so what now?