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Houston Rockets: Where Was Terrence Jones In Game One?

Many Houston Rockets fans, including myself, were wondering where the hell was Terrence Jones in game one of the regular season against the Detroit Pistons?

With Patrick Patterson as the starter, at least for now, I assumed Jones would only get limited minutes off the bench. But with Patterson out due to an injury I expected Jones to start and play at least 30 minutes no questions asked. But Terrence didn’t even get one second of playing time.

Kevin McHale shockingly started Marcus Morris. Morris is a guy who has been in McHale’s doghouse ever since he entered the league. His growth has been stunted due to this. He looked very nervous against the Pistons. Dropping easy passes and missing basic layups. He finished with 6 points on 3-10 shooting and 7 rebounds in 25 minutes. When Morris wasn’t in the game the Rockets continued to play small with Chandler Parsons at the four. Greg Smith also got some playing time alongside Omer Asik for a few minutes.

This is just simply unacceptable. Jones should have at least got 10 minutes of playing time backing up Morris. Hell, he should have started and got 30 minutes of playing time. Fans, the reason why Jones was missing in action is because McHale does not trust rookies. Morris is a perfect example of the trust McHale lacked in him last year. Why he trusted Parsons so much I have no idea. But McHale has a track record of pushing rookies to the end of the bench in favor of veterans no matter the talent level.

Terrence Jones isn’t just better than Morris, he’s probably better than Patterson already. Will he make mistakes? Of course, but he should be getting some experience now. The Rockets want to rebuild while still contending. Why not give a youngster who is game ready some playing time?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Morris has all the talent in the world. But he should be a lot better than what he has shown so far. If he doesn’t start to progress soon I expect Jones to take his spot and never give it back. In fact, I expect Jones to be the starter by 2013.

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  • LD52

    You’re right, McHale trusted Parsons last year. So perhaps your theory has holes in it…?

    • Kyle Adams

      Name another rookie he has trusted. No holes. Facts.

  • Jeff

    I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

  • blaiyan

    My thoughts exactly. I didn’t like the rotation at all. Terrence Jones should be the starter PF for the Rockets. The fact that we’re sitting here with this question mark is just bewildering.

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  • CT

    We should be able to muscle up with anyone. We need to find out who the
    real inside player with guts is from these young power fowards. So I agree with
    the sentiment of the post. And we had to come back to win the first game, inside
    muscle is always an important stabilizer.

  • Wright Jefferson

    my opinion it has to something to do wit practice but who knows if Morris isn’t ready then why the start the Jones kid is no doubt ready only time will tell

  • CP

    I really TJ’s game and he will be the next best player on the team. Mchale is showcasing Morris’s game. This means he is likely to shipped off next.

  • Mark

    wholly disagree. You don’t start a second round pick rookie unless you are completely open to playing rookies. Badly written with no backing evidence other than proving he has a track record of being open to starting rookies. Morris is just bad and so is his brother.

    • Kyle Adams

      Looks like this badly written article got a lot of views and a lot of people talking. Thanks for the money. Come back soon.

      • Kyle sucks

        No need to be a defensive douche Kyle, you’re a terrible writer and a poor journalist

    • Kyle Adams

      Anyone with any knowledge of McHale knows he’s not fond of playing rookies. Parsons was an exception. Obviously because he has a high basketball I.Q. and works hard. Morris has legit talent but hasn’t been able to do anything with it. Jones has showed he can play with the big boys. Your assessment of this team is badly thought up.

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  • ct

    I don’t want to add to intrigue. At this point simply a power foward to get the job done. Figure that Lin, Harden, Patterson/has to be equal or greater than
    Martin,Lowry, Scola. I hope Terrance Jones is not in the dog house.

  • Hal Brandenburg

    I disagree with you on Marcus Morris. I think his upside is as good if not better than Jones. Not that he has shown it yet. He did have a better game two, at least looking at the box score. I don’t understand keeping Jones inactive at all though.