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Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin Needs To Work On His Shot.

I’m not trying to disrespect Jeremy Lin or his shooting coach, but whatever he has been told or what he has taught himself is what is keeping him in a shooting slump. He is shooting differently than he did with the New York Knicks and it’s not for the better. The Houston Rockets are 11 games in and he has yet to show any signs of coming back from his slump.

Jeremy Lin’s shooting abilities are so bad right now that his opponent does not guard him on the perimeter. He is being dared to shoot the ball and is slowly turning the opportunity down to drive to the hoop. Lin driving to the hoop is a good thing. It usually helps you gain confidence in your shot when you get a few easy buckets. But it’s just not happening for him.

His form is different from just a year ago. He looks like a beginner trying to learn how to shoot. He hesitates on every shot because he has zero confidence with it. His elbow dips out and isn’t aligned with the basket. His off-hand points towards the basket and he takes it off the ball too quickly. He needs to straighten out his elbow, point his off-hand towards the sky, flick his shooting wrist and allow his off-hand to help guide the ball towards the basket. He’s literally shooting similar to Shaq right now, which is completely awful.

Lin is definitely not at his best as a spot-up shooter. He gets his best looks coming off the dribble, which is fine for a point guard anyways. He needs to get back to that. Most of his shots are coming from him spotting up from the perimeter. He needs to rock his opponent to sleep and shot over the top of him. He needs to keep his opponent honest with his ability to drive or dish as well.

Jeremy Lin is not a volume scorer, but he did have a nice shot with a lot of potential in New York. Instead of taking a step forward this year he has taken a step back. As a Knick last season he shot 44% from the field and 32% from downtown. Those are very respectable numbers for a guy who was essentially a rookie. So far this season Lin is shooting just 34% from the field and 25% from three. He’s also averaging 4 less points a game.

I know it’s during the season already, but if he doesn’t start working on this now his shooting struggles will continue all season long. He needs to get in the gym with his shooting coach Doc Scheppler and figure out how to get back to his shooting stroke from the Linsanity days. Until that day fans will continue to be frustrated with his play.

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  • autoprt

    this article is dead on point. not sure what the heck happened to his shot. last year he was fierce. shooting lights out. not sure if he is compensating and not using his knees also to get up or as you said the shot is just wrong and will continue to miss. it seemed early on the shot was falling.

    someone said it was the depth perception in the toyota center but he isn’t shooting worth crap in other arenas either and i am a big fan of jlin but he needs to turn it around soon. had he played near the level he did in nyc they would have won many of the games they lost because a lot of the games they lost by no more than 6 points and had jlin been scoring around 20 a game that would have more than made up the points.

    • Kyle Adams

      Thank you for reading. I’m glad you agree. I think it has more to do with how the shot is coming off his hands and the angle he has on his elbows.

  • Dennis Hui

    I think he might have lifted weights too much. He is now a lot more muscular than he was in nyc. The newly added muscle mass can change your shot.

    • Kyle Adams

      Good point. I’m sure that could have something to do with it.

  • Astray

    I’m a big fan of Jeremy Lin, but when I look at the Box score at the end of each game, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with his low points per game. Back in New York, he was always aggressive and almost always drove to the basket and try to get contact. Now, you don’t see the aggression. Sure his turnovers have gone down (never thought it to be a huge deal back in New York), but I think his old play style would benefit his team a lot more.

    I hope Lin gets his shot together soon. I don’t mind if he loses here and there, but I want Houston to beat New York on Friday.

    • Kyle Adams

      I agree. He needs to attack just like he did in his New York days.