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Houston Rockets: Amare Stoudemire Would Be A Perfect Fit

I know Amare Stoudemire has had numerous knee problems as well as other injuries, but you can’t ignore the fact that when healthy, he’s one of the best power forwards in the game. And what spot do the Houston Rockets need to upgrade the most? You got it, power forward.

The New York Knicks are 13-4 so far this season and that’s without Stoudemire in the lineup. If someone was willing to take on his salary the Knicks would be welcome to dump his contract on someone else. That’s the biggest problem for the Rockets. Are they willing to take on almost $20 million Amare is owed this season with two years remaining? Will Amare be able to stay healthy for the next three seasons? Would it all be worth it?

In order for this trade to work the Rockets wouldn’t just have to take on that huge contract, they would have to give up some pieces as well. Patrick Patterson has had his best season so far in his career but it’s still not anything special. His rebounding, toughness and defense are very poor. He hardly ever plays big and always settles for jump shots. Marcus Morris has shown signs of being a great scorer, but has also shown signs of being immature and not ready to take on a large role. Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas need more time to groom and let’s not even get into the Royce White situation.

If I was the Rockets I would offer Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, possibly another player and maybe even a pick to sweeten the deal. It may seem like a lot and a bit of a gamble but the Rockets have shown they need more talent to be able to compete with the big guys on a nightly basis.

Amare just barely turned 30 years old. If he can stay healthy he should at least be his usual self until his contract is up. He would be reunited with former teammate Jeremy Lin, who he played very well with in New York. Stoudemire thrives in a pick and roll offense, so does Jeremy Lin and James Harden. These three guys could eat up their opponent’s defense on a nightly basis with that offense.

Amare’s defense and rebounding are not above average by any means, but he’s better than Patrick Patterson. He can also block a shot or two on a nightly basis. Amare is also the better shooter, scorer and has plenty of toughness. Last season with the Knicks Amare averaged 17 points on 48% shooting, 7.8 rebounds and 1 block in 32 minutes a game. On the Rockets Amare’s averages would go back up to his career averages of 21 points a game as he would be the second option offensively behind Harden. You wouldn’t need to ask much from Amare on the defensive end or rebounding with Omer Asik manning the painted area.

I really do believe this would be the perfect fit for Stoudemire. He needs a team that believes in him and that needs him badly. If he was traded to Houston he would become highly motivated and ready to prove doubters wrong. He just needs to stay healthy. If he can do that I would make this deal immediately.

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  • Ehoe Cheah

    Your article sucks through and through. Not only would I not trade any of our young player for a lame horse, I wouldn’t want to pay 20M salary for one that is about to be lead to pasture.

    • Kyle Adams

      Be respectful or go find your Rockets news somewhere else. What do the Rockets need most? A big man who can score consistently in the paint. Patterson is a jump shooting freak and is weak in the paint. Morris looks to be more of a small forward than a power forward. Maybe you should learn a little bit more about basketball before you make immature statements like you already have.

      • Jevon Mendez

        here’s the thing….. the Knicks will not be doing the Rockets any favors for a LOOONG time. they still have a sour taste in their mouth from the Jeremy Lin saga. not to mention the rape the rockets committed on the knicks for the T-Mac deal. i think the knicks would rather trade him to a team in the east than the rockets.

        • Jevon Mendez

          also the trade you mentioned would never occur. the knicks are in WIN NOW mode as it shows by their roster’s age. the chips are all in. a pick won’t help them win this year and the players you suggested trading are major downgrades to stat. if anything he will be worth more to the knicks in 2 years than any player the rockets can give him because he will be an expiring contract. and they will be able to retool on the fly with him off the books

          • Jevon Mendez

            PPS… there is no 14-4 team in the history of the nba that is thinking of shaking up their roster. they don’t have roster space for multiple players. and they seem to thrive off a veteran locker room. it would be self defeating and a big risk to mess with a winning formula and team chemistry. your best bet is to trade for gasol since the lakers are a team in flux

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  • Houmpheng Phonsavath

    No way in HELL I would make that kind of deal. Stoudemire suck!

  • Mr13Rings

    You obviously don’t know anything about basketball. (Knicks Fan)

  • DeVion Xavier Hinton

    I think they should go for a guy like Josh Smith instead, who can run the floor with the little guys and finish. That’s how the Rockets have been the most successful this year. Running the floor and scoring a lot.

  • Sd

    I like the idea actually….

  • Danny Neiba

    Interesting article on how Amare coming to the Rockets would make HOU a better team. Unfortuantely, I would have to agree with Jevon. The whole “Lin thing” is still fresh in every one’s mind. Also, Olajuwon has been teaching STAT the “shuffle”. I doubt the Knicks would give up on Amare so soon and not at least see what he can bring to the table this year. As you said, Amare, when healthy, is one of the best forwards in the game right now. The Knicks could use some of that right now as well and through out the rest of the season. Go Knicks!!!!

  • Jesse Lue

    Knicks should keep him to make knicks stronger. Houston do not need him.

  • Jin Chu

    Errrrrr….you want to take a player whose contract eats up cap space, has injury problems that render him uninsurable and is well known for being a defensive liability, and put him on a team already ranked near the bottom in terms of defense….