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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Intrigued By The Houston Rockets

Right when you thought the never-ending “Dwightmare” saga was finally over, it starts back up once again.

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN Dwight Howard is now intrigued by the Houston Rockets and the direction they’re going in.

“Dwight Howard previously wanted a trade from the Orlando Magic to either the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas Mavericks.

The Houston Rockets were involved in trade talks, but Howard appeared unwilling to commit long-term to the franchise.

But sources say Howard is aware that the Rockets have emerged as a more attractive destination due to their acquisition of James Harden.”

So let me get this straight. Dwight Howard wanted to leave the small market franchise for the Los Angeles Lakers who are the most beloved NBA team. Now he may want to go back to a small market franchise in the Houston Rockets?

He is right when it comes to the Rockets franchise going from rebuilding to a possible contender just with the addition of superstar James Harden. A tandom of Howard and Harden could be championship worthy. But is it worth it?

It seems like every week Kobe Bryant has to call out his big man for being too soft, which is ironic. I understand that he is definitely hurting due to his injury. But when you’re on a team with guys like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash who have fought through injuries their entire career you may want to follow in their footsteps or get picked on for not wanting to.

I’m guessing most Rockets fans would want him to stay away at this point after the emergence of Omer Asik and all the baggage surrounding Howard.  Asik looks to be the most improved player in the NBA this year.

But with that being said, if Howard really does want to make his way to Houston and is willing to sign long-term the Rockets should go after him. Even with Howard being injured and struggling a bit he is still the most dominant center in the NBA today and will continue to be for years to come barring injuries.

When you think about it, Howard’s stats so far this season are not much different than they were when he was with Orlando. When you join a team with guys like Kobe, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash you have to expect your numbers to dip at least some. I just think most fans expected him to average 25 points and 15 rebounds as a Laker. That’s just not going to happen on the Lakers, but with the Rockets it could.

Asik is a great guy and is becoming a great player, but he will never have the talent Dwight Howard has. Dwight is a free agent after this season and I’m sure the Lakers will give it everything they have to keep him. But I’m not sure Howard wants to be in the bright lights anymore. I think he is more fit for a team like Houston. I can guarantee you Daryl Morey is all over this situation and if this rumor is true don’t expect any big trades from the Rockets unless it includes Howard going to Houston. Morey will keep trying for Howard until the day he signs a long-term deal with Houston or somewhere else.

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  • toperspective

    Guy is a drama queen. Unless his athleticism returns he is not a franchise player. His athleticism masked his lack of any offensive skills.

    • Kyle Adams

      Can’t disagree with that. Thanks for reading.

  • Houston Rockets Harrisons

    Asik is the man I think Houston needs an impact power forward. I believe Asik will develop an offensive game close to the basket. It will be enough to net him 15pts on a consistant basis. Howard has back issues that will never go away. Back injuries usually do not. At this point Asik is not worth giving up. Last 8 games he’s had no less than 13 boards. Hes averaging a double double, y mess that up. I think all deadline moves are based on how Royce White pans out. If he acter his D League stint proves to b an impact player, Morris and Patterson become expendable for a Josh Smith or Paul Milsap.

  • Tx Kings

    Asik could be part of the deal that brings Dwight Howard, maybe last years trades and acquisitions might bring the player they wanted since the beginning of last years trade rumors. The success that Houston has also having players like Hakeem Olajuwon as a mentor could make a difference!!!

  • el jefe

    Why not have a nice rotation with Asik and Howard …need defense like Howard could bring if he can straighten up his attitude and get healthy…McHale played some center also so think that would help him out to