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Houston Rockets Will Land Josh Smith Or Dwight Howard This Offseason

A lot of Houston Rockets fans seem to be upset that the Rockets didn’t make a big splash right before the deadline. Let’s not get too greedy. Don’t forget that Daryl Morey swung a deal to land James Harden just four days before the regular season kicked off. They also signed guys like Jeremy Lin who has been on fire as of late as well as Omer Asik who may be named the Most Improved Player of the Year.

The Rockets also just added another young piece to their core in Thomas Robinson, who the Rockets loved during the 2012 NBA Draft. But with that being said, the plan stays the same. Morey wants to pair Harden with another superstar caliber player.

Josh Smith has been rumored to be traded all season long, and although he was close to getting moved it didn’t happen. The Atlanta Hawks decided to keep him, which will ultimately be a huge mistake. Smith already has one foot out the door in Atlanta and it doesn’t look like it will be going back in. He has named Houston as one of the destinations he would love to play for.

The Rockets would love to add Josh Smith to their talented young roster, but not as much as they would love to add the best center in the league, Dwight Howard.

Dwight refuses to commit to the Los Angeles Lakers. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the L.A lifestyle or in the spotlight. He seems more fit to be in a little bit of a smaller city like he was with the Orlando Magic. He has already came out and said he was “intrigued” by the Rockets and the moves they made recently.

The Laker fans and teammates seem to be not so impressed by the big man, especially Kobe Bryant. I would go as far as to say that Kobe and Dwight hate each other. Kobe knows his time is running out and he needs to pass the torch, but for whatever reason he doesn’t see that potential in Dwight. Even though the Lakers decided to not trade Howard at the deadline it could still work in their favor if he was to walk.

The Lakers have a ton of money put in their entire roster and signing Howard to a multi-year max contract will basically make it impossible for them to make any other major or even minor moves. It’s obvious to see their roster isn’t working out, so why sign him to such a big contract and make it to where you have to throw the same rotation every night?

I think it’s safe to say that one of these guys will be in Houston next season. I’m not sure which one it will be, but if they’re both available the Rockets will put all their effort in bringing the Superman to Clutch City.

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  • autoprt

    why is everyone so hot for dwight howard? i still feel he’s damaged goods and never will be as good as he was.

  • Nathan C

    I see the Lakers and Houston being the top two contenders for Howards services next season, with Dallas a more distant third. Sorry for the novel in advance.

    To me, the decision seems to rest on money and certainity vs. quality of life and professional success. Only the Lakers can add one more year than any other team in a max deal. For a big man, especially one who has just come after a major injury and is known to have lavish spending habits, that extra year of guaranteed money has to be extremely attractive. Sure, he could demand that amount after his last year of a non-Laker contract if healthy. But he could also end up like a Bynum, Amare, etc. whose value drops dramatically as their bodies start breaking down. The downsides are extremely high expectations from a very demanding fan base, the strong potential to be the no. 2 team in the city, a few more mediocre seasons with an old roster, and as many years being Kobe’s b**** in the media. In the near-term, Howard’s basketball life as a Laker will likely be no better than this season as the Lakers are capped out and the new luxury tax rules mean they can’t big-market spend themselves out of problems like they could in the past. And the Lakers are stingy now–they wouldn’t even payout to Phil to turn the season around.

    Houston presents a better quality of life. Dwight would go in as the veteran and co-leader of the team on day 1. The team itself feels more youthful and fun, a far better fit towards Dwight (I just want to have fun playing basketball) Howard’s personality. He would be a beloved figure in the city for picking Houston over LA, especially for cultural reasons as Texans tend to be jelous of the attention paid to the coastal cities. The market is closer to what Howard seems to enjoy. Plus, he does not have the Laker legacy to live up to–reportedly the biggest turn-off when Howard was pushing to join the new version Nets.

    Career wise, the Rockets are already built to utilize a true center and Howard would be finally paired with a complementary piece in Harden that is in his early years of superstardom. Former power-forward McHale presents a far better “fit” as coach than PG-loving-defense-hatin D’Antoni. A Harden-Howard combo could rival the Kobe-Shaq and Jordan-Pippen combos of basketball legend. The Rockets would be automatically a contender for the NBA finals and is stacked with trade-bait (Asik, Robinson, Parsons) to only get better.

    Money wise, while Howard would arguably lose some attention not being in LA, he would have more endorsement money coming in from the Asian markets who (a) watch Lin religiously and (b) love big men. The major sticking point, however, is that extra year that only the Lakers can offer.

    Another possible drawback to joining the Rockets are the fact that Howard would have to share the spotlight with Harden instead of unquestionably being the future in Houston. Plus, there small chance that he might have to compete with Asik for the starting position if he plays like he did this season. But I imagine Morey would have traded Asik away before the season would start.

    So, in my opinion, it comes down to money vs. quality of life and career. I doubt even Howard knows which way he is leaning any given day.

    Bring on the Dwightstakes 2.0!