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Houston Rockets Fall Short Against Dallas Mavericks

It’s no question this was a big game for both teams. The Houston Rockets are looking to move up to the 6ht spot in the Western Conference while the Dallas Mavericks are fighting for their playoff lives. The Mavericks came out determined to not be embarrassed twice in the row by the Rockets and they succeeded, beating the Rockets 112-108.

The biggest shocker of this game was the 4th quarter benching of Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. These questionable calls had fans irate with head coach Kevin McHale.

Asik finished with 12 points and 15 rebounds in just 23 minutes. People tend to forget this is Asik’s first year as a starter, so maybe McHale was looking to get him some rest, or maybe he thought Thomas Robinson was a better fit to play against the Mavericks small lineup in the 4th quarter.

To Robinson’s credit he did play very well tonight on both sides of the floor. His production goes much farther than what his stats show. But was it right to play him over Asik? It depends on what the situation was. I do believe Asik needs some rest from time to time, especially to get ready for the playoffs. But it’s hard to imagine the Rockets winning with Asik on the bench.

I don’t think there is a fan base more sensitive than Lin fans. I myself am a Lin fan, but I’m realistic about it. He is overrated and at times he does deserve to be benched. Some fans are saying that Lin was playing better than Patrick Beverley which is definitely false. Lin went -3 while Beverley finished at +7. Yes Lin scored 12 points, but he also had just 3 assists and 3 turnovers. Look up the assist to turnover ratio and that’s a terrible stat to have. Beverley had 0 points, but he had 7 assists to just 2 turnovers and he played better defense and was just all around running the point guard position much smoother tonight.

McHale has always and will always play the players who are on a hot streak. Yes Asik started off great and Lin was playing ok, but McHale doesn’t like to sub out a player who is playing well. Robinson and Beverley were playing great. End of story.

James Harden didn’t shoot very well from the field but he still had a good game, finishing with 28 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. He shot just 5-17 from the field and 2-7 from three. Most of his points came from the line where he went an incredible 16-16.

The difference in this game was the Mavericks core players played much better than in the last meeting. Dirk Nowitzki almost tripled the amount of points he scored on Sunday while O.J. Mayo finished with a double-double with 13 points and 12 assists to go along with 6 rebounds.

As the season gets closer to the end each games begins to mean more and more. That will be no different this Friday when they take on the 6th seed Golden State Warriors.

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  • Daniel

    I stopped at “Beverley had 0 points,” remembering the questionable flops in crucial possessions, fear of taking big shots, and foul to Darren Collison when he was in jeopardy of falling over to a backcourt violation or a very likely turnover with a timeout still in tow.

    • MLK111

      I can tell you watched the game as I did. You can also tell the writer didn’t watch all the game.

      • Kyle Adams

        Actually i watched the entire game. All of you guys are so deeply in love with Lin you are blinded about how good he actually is. You guys act like points means everything coming from a POINT GUARD. A point guards job is to get his team involved, Lin didn’t do that. Beverley did. I played point guard and like a true point guard your duty is to distribute the ball. Beverley played better tonight as a POINT GUARD. End of story.

        • 曾柏舜

          Who fouls to Darren Collison at the key moment? Never explain.

        • Denzel Boksingero

          Lin is much better than Beaverly in getting other team members involved. He’s elite PG in that regard.

        • ThisVoice

          Hum excuse me no Beverley did not, were you not paying attention how stagnant the offense was in 4 quarter?

    • Kyle Adams

      What about the questionable defense Lin plays. What about how inconsistent he’s been his ENTIRE career except those two weeks during Linsanity. Fear of taking big shots? He’s shooting by far a better percentage than Lin. Look up the stats and facts before you comment. He didn’t foul Collison, that was a terriible call by the ref, even the announcers said that.

      • uilnivla

        If Beverly was really better than Lin as you just point out, why not just start him?

      • benesq

        I seem to recall Lin taking and making big shots in the OKC comeback. No one is questioning that this has been an up and down season for him, but it is also not fair to dismiss him as a bust. He is top 3 in steals and top 15 in assists. The assists are especially impressive because he does not have the ball most of the time, unlike most point guards. So give him just a little credit, why don’t you?

        And, by the way, that was a foul on Collison. Beverley knew he fouled him, that’s why he reacted like that, because he knew he screwed up. But I don’t blame Beverley. He’s a rookie, and rookies make mistakes. He’s smart and he’ll learn. No big deal. But that’s the risk of having a rookie out there in crunch time in a high-stakes game.

      • Ido Amir

        Kyle, at this point in time, YOU are the ONLY one who still allows himself (unwisely) to claim that Jeremy Lin is a poor defender. The rest of the Lin-doubters/haters world has given up on this, as Lin has proven that he is a VERY GOOD DEFENDER… Seriously, how DETACHED can you be?… You can’t find 1 serious basketball critic who will dare say that Lin is less than a good defender…. Sheesh… Sorry. Strike 3, you’re out.

      • Tim

        There is no way you are a Lin fan. Hell, I am a casual NBA watcher and wouldn’t normally care if Lin failed IF he were given a legit chance to prove he can continue what he did last year. So, if you were a true Lin fan, you’d want to see him on the court at the end of close games all the time and you would see the blatant benching of Lin at times where he was playing excellent basketball, including superior basketball over his substitute. Beverly is not in Lin’s league, period. NOT IN HIS LEAGUE. Beverly is a Euro-league cast-off 12th man SCRUB. And when you try to compare a 12th man to a star player like Lin, you lose ALL credibility.

        I posted in your other article asking whether Beverly was better than Lin. I ROASTED YOU with statistical FACTS that show Jeremy Lin plays HIS BEST basketball in the 4TH QUARTER, specifically, in the FINAL 5 MINUTES. Lin’s stats in the final 5 minutes of games are superior to Harden’s.

        Kyle, you are biased, a Lin detractor and not at all a fan of his. I’m not even a fan but when I see how Lin is treated, it makes me sick. The kid has the talent to be one of the best guards in the league if he just receives the support from a real coach and teammates. That month last year was no fluke. It wasn’t “luck” and you know this because only legendary players like Magic, Bird, Jordan and others have ever single-handedly took a largely bench-laded lineup on an 8-1 stretch. Kyrie Irving is in Cleveland with a team about as talented as Lin had in New York last year and his team is in the cellar with 20 wins and has had no 6-game winning streaks or 8-1 stretches. Lin did last year.

        So, when I see a player with all that capability being sat on the bench at the end of games and having to split minutes with a Euro-castoff ROOKIE who is a 12th man on BAD TEAMS, then I KNOW something is wrong with how this kid is being treated and I will call it out.

  • MLK111

    “He is overrated and at times he does deserve to be benched.” Why don’t you tell us how you really feel. Or, is this what should be applied to the coach? Did you watch the game or just read the box score?

    • Kyle Adams

      I watched the game, looked at the box score and everything else. Name one thing Lin did that helped the Rockets in the 2nd half. He may not have deserved to be benched in this game, but there have been games this year where he should have been and has been benched for poor all around play. Lin went NEGATIVE, Beverley went POSITIVE. Any arguement against that is just dumb. People who think scoring is everything when it comes to point guard play clearly know nothing about basketball.

      • Ido Amir

        You don’t understand basketball. You probably never played a game of BB in your life. Basketball is about WINNING. Not about scoring, not about +/- … You simply have no idea what basketball is. Check out Lin’s history. You will see EVERY TEAM he led has OVER-ACHIEVED. Go do some research, and until then, please don’t try to put yourself in the position of a Jeremy Lin critic. It is pathetic.

      • Steve

        Tell me one thing Beverley did right in last night’s game, then we can talk. He tried to flop, only to fail and allowed Mavs a bucket. He is way too passive in the offensive end, just bringing the ball over the half court and handing the ball over to James Harden and get out of his way. Without a true floor-general in Lin, Rockets offense resorts to Harden ISO. At times, Harden makes things happen because he’s a great player, but last night, Marion was smothering him like nobody’s business. Without an alternative offensive threat, all Mavs needed to do was watch Harden. I don’t necessarily think Beverley is a bad player (in fact I think he is a great bench point guard – kudos to Morey) but what I DO think is that McHale is a terrible coach and he should be fired. We have lost multiple games because McHale decided to bench Asik at a crunch time, when all we needed was a stop.

  • wtfisgoinon

    This writer is rediculus u are not a lin fan. Ok benchin lin was the right Idea? That why they lost u stupid ass.lin was a big reason they won last game!

    • Kyle Adams

      Be respectful or get off my site. No need for ignorant comments from a person who clearly knows nothing about basketball. I AM a Lin fan, but like i said, i’m also realistic, i’m not going to lie to myself like people like you do. McHale didn’t bench Lin for playing poorly. The Rockets were playing well with Beverley on the court so he stuck with him. McHale ALWAYS goes with the hot hand.

      • 曾柏舜

        Regarding “McHale didn’t bench Lin for playing poorly.”
        I dont think that u always watching every entire Rockets games and u r Lin fan. How to explain Rockets vs Mavericks on 3rd March?

      • yoeddy

        They were playing well with Lin on the court too. What starting PG gets benched like this?

  • wtfisgoinon

    I would take 12 points 3 assist 3 t.o anyday over “0″ points 7 assist and 2 t.o

  • wtfisgoinon

    How could u be a lin fan and think hes overated lol that dont make no sense

    • Kyle Adams

      I said i am a Lin fan, which i am, but i’m also realistic and truthful. Most Lin fans are ignorant to how good he is. He’s a decent player, not great. He’s one of the most popular basketball players but he’s not even close to being one of the best.

      • Derek Kong

        Yes I am a fan of Kyle Adams as a writer but I am also very realistic. I think he is an idiot and doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time. I also think hiis articles don’t make any sense but I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of his. Please believe me. I love him but I don’t find a single redeeming quality about his writing.

        • Nikkolas Chia

          Derek Kong, you are a winner and made my day

  • Evan.K

    Someone finished at -13 …….

  • Villa Chang

    This is why people always say reporter
    fucking stupid. As ur idiot logic, Harden is as bad as -13 so needed to put him
    on the bench? Damn, I wasting time that tries to make sense with a
    bumbling reporter.

  • Ido Amir

    Kyle, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sorry.

    Basketball has its innate rules, and the NBA has, for sure, its rules,
    that came out of many years of evolution. One of those rules is: YOU
    PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS IN CRUNCH TIME. McHale broke this rule, no, he
    *shattered* it, and guess what – he lost the game.

    Also, you are NOT a Lin fan. I am sorry. A fan thinks that the subject of their
    support is actually exceptionally good. You state the opposite about
    Lin, and thus, by definition, you are not a Lin fan.

    Lastly, you don’t understand a very basic thing about basketball: Games are won in the last minutes, and in the last minutes, you put on the court the
    players who have SHOWN they WIN GAMES IN THE CLUTCH. THIS is what last
    night’s game was about. NOT about pseudo-statistical +/- boohaki. Not
    only did Jeremy Lin show he is SUPERB in the clutch last year; he
    started to show the exact same quality again this year, and I am sorry
    to tell you, and you can quote me on that: Jeremy Lin has qualities that
    WILL bring him to be one of the league’s BEST point guards. Yes, a
    legit NBA STAR. I know it must be painful for you to hear this. After
    all, you are a “Lin fan”….

    So if we look at the player you REALLY seem to be a fan of – i,e, Patrick Beverly, then what has he done last night in the clutch? Any crucial assists? Nope.. Any
    clutch baskets?… hmm… nope… any kind of non-Harden-iso
    play-making?.. hmm… nope. What did he DID do? Hmm… critical foul
    that took away a marvelous Garcia steal and Robinson fastbreak dunk,
    another game-ending foul on Collison with 6 sec on the clock, one or two
    missed shots. That’s your Patrick Beverly in crunch time. But hey, what
    am I complaining?? Didn’t he beat Toronto single-handedly last year?
    Didn’t he beat the Timberwolves, single-handedly last year? Didn’t he
    beat Kobe with 38 points, and Dallas, all with CLUTCH PERFORMANCES? Oh,
    wait, it wasn’t Beverly… It was…

    Jeremy Lin.

    (just had to answer your article, because it is so bad, so low-quality, inconsistent, and biased, I could not ignore it)

  • patrick

    “I am Lin fan,but I think he was overrated” —>Lin hater.
    you can say Lin is not a good player. you can say Lin was not playing good last night.
    BUT don’t say you were Lin fan.

  • yoeddy

    Most starters get the benefit of the doubt…that even if they are having a tough game, a coach will let a starter try to play his way out of it. Jeremy did not get this opportunity…and in fact, Jeremy wasn’t even having a tough game, shooting 50%, limiting his turnovers, and moving the ball well (just because he only had a few assists doesn’t mean he wasn’t making the right passes…players need to make baskets in order for an assist to count). If McHale had any interest in helping Jeremy become a better starter, he would give Jeremy the opportunity to play down the stretch in a tight game….

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Lin had an excellent game in the last game against the Mavs. Lin’s playmaking helped spark Parson’s flawless game. In this game Harden became the ballhog again, usurping the PG role again. The game was close with Lin playing. But the Rockets had no chance when Lin was benched. There is only one common factor to dominant Rockets game this season: Lin playing the role as the team’s main PG and playmaker. Review the games and you’ll see what I mean

  • yoeddy

    btw – If Lin ever had a zero point game, I don’t think you would find anyone who would say he had a strong game no matter how many assists he had…interesting how some folks are praising Beverley with a stat line like that…

  • benesq

    I had no problem with Beverley being in for the first five to six minutes of the fourth quarter. He was extremely active on defense, forced deflections and turnovers, and was also looking for the ball on offense. and passing well. However, it was clear that halfway through the quarter, he was either running out of gas (normal for a high-energy player who is not accustomed to playing long minutes) or was becoming very hesitant on the offensive end and perhaps afraid to shoot or handle the ball in a tight game, or both. This was obvious to me watching the game. Beverley basically disappeared down the stretch. Also, with Delfino’s shot off and Parsons cooling down after being red-hot most of the game, Harden clearly felt like he had to carry the entire load. He was probably right. Lin should have been brought back with six minutes left, and DEFINITELY brought back with three minutes left when the offense had completely stalled. He was shooting well, and was 0.1 seconds from nailing another three at the end of the first half. The Rockets sorely needed another offensive option, both to shoot and to help free up shooters. Also, I do not think that Lin would have made the rookie mistake that Beverley did by fouling in that back-court play. Bottom line is that McHale was right to go with Beverly until midway through the fourth, but was wrong not to recognize that it was time to bring Lin back in.

  • Sungill Kim

    The simple rule in all sports – If the coach gambles and wins he’s a genius. If he loses it’s his fault. Rox lost so McHale has to take the blame for benching his start PG and C.

  • ThisVoice

    You are saying you’re a Lin fan to dodge bullets. the only thing Beverly did in last quarter was committing a unnecessary foul, with 0 pts, 0 asssits, 0 rb, 0 steals in last 5 mins, and he can not run offense and can not create his own shot, that is why Harden was in so much trouble because no1 else are threats, so NO he is not better than Lin. The fact you said that Lin was playing okay shows your not a Lin fan, he had double digit points, made a clutch 3pts at half time buzzer beater (but waived by refs), and was shooting over 50%, there is no way he is doing bad.

  • a z

    Did Houston win with Beverly? End of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I was Lin, I would demand a trade to the Lakers, reunite with LInsanity coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please trade Lin to the Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1