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Houston Rockets: Is Patrick Beverley Better Than Jeremy Lin?

I’ve been getting a lot of negative responses lately by Jeremy Lin lovers for calling him overrated and saying that at times he deserves to be benched. In the Houston Rockets loss to the Dallas Mavericks Lin was benched the entire fourth quarter for backup Patrick Beverley. Lin fans are not only killing me, they’re attacking Kevin McHale’s coaching decisions.

I wanted to do a post for the Lin fans and for Rockets fans in general to show you guys how close Lin and Beverley actually are statistically. You may be surprised to see the difference isn’t that big.

In PER 48 minutes Lin is averaging 18.9 points, 9.1 assists, 4.8 rebounds, 2.7 steals and 4.3 turnovers. He’s shooting 43% from the field, 32% from deep and 78% from the line.

Using the same stat, in PER 48 minutes Beverley is averaging 16.7 points, 9.2 assists, 7.6 rebounds, 3.2 steals, 1.2 blocks and 3.2 turnovers. He’s shooting 43% from the field, 42% from deep and 76% from the line.

Looking at that stat line should quiet any Lin fan that questioned my stance between this point guard duo. Lin is one of the most popular players in the NBA in the world. Most people who read this probably don’t even know who Beverley is, yet they put up basically the same numbers every 48 minutes. And if you were to argue who has been better, based on these stats you would have to say Beverley, as he beats Lin in every statistical category except for scoring, although they are all close.

This is not hate towards Lin. I don’t care what anybody says I am a Lin fan, but like I’ve said many times before I’m also realistic. If I was to write on here Lin was terrible or that Lin is the best that would be a complete lie and ignorant lie by me. My job is to tell my opinion, the truth and to state facts.

I think Jeremy Lin along with Beverley both have a lot of upside and potential that could take them a long way in this league. I’m a huge Rockets fan and I am in no way rooting against Lin like some of you are lead to believe. I hope he becomes the man you guys already think he is. I just don’t think that is going to happen, but what’s wrong with just being a good baller?

I think Lin and Beverley is a good combination at point guard. I also think that whoever is having the better night should play. McHale will not allow Lin to play based on just his popularity alone. He will have to earn it. That last game proved it.

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  • Ben

    You forgot to account for the fact that Bev’s numbers are usually against the second unit.

    • Marcus

      And Beverley has played fewer games … He’s definitely playing well, but you can’t expect him to keep this up for the rest of the season. I don’t particularly like Lin, but this is incredibly stupid article to write. It’s a response to hate mail and makes Space City Scoop seem like a blog some little kid is writing.

  • yoeddy

    Based on your reasoning, can we assume that you believe Beverley should be the starter and Lin the backup?

  • Fung Tai

    Lin and Asik play more time with Harden and Parsons. It’s all about chemistry in the final minutes. And Mchale didn’t trust them. If it is their final yr of contract, they must want to quit this team and stay away from Mchale.

  • Fung Tai

    It’s hurt the fans not only 1 game lost, but it shows Mchale incapable of coaching.
    He didn’t admit it is a mistake.

    • Northerner

      McHale is very stubborn. That’s one of the worse traits to have as a coach, and now it’s costing the Rockets games.

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      Someone can coach and produce ‘Linsanity’
      McHale coaches and gets a fair result.
      That does tell you the quality of coaching McHale does.

  • wjliang22

    This article is very misleading. Patrick Beverly plays mostly with the second unit and garbage minutes. He has also played fewer games which makes his sample size too small to compare to a starter. Your basically doing what Jeremy Lin fans used to do back in the Linsanity days where he put up BIG numbers and people were comparing him to the elite PG’s of the league. The biggest mistakes writers make are thinking that the numbers are everything and not who the numbers were put up against (i.e starters, 2nd unit or garbage time).

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      This writer has taken a course ‘How to lie with statistics’

  • Lucy Yang

    The writer even pointed out that across 48 minutes their stats are relatively similar, yet McHale often in 4th quarter, benches Lin the starter, not even a min of the 4th quarter. I get it that some nights if Beverly is really hot it’s difficult to pull him out, especially if Lin is struggling. But last night besides that 4 minute spurt when Beverly played well, the final 10 minutes of the 4th Q he had 0 pts and 0 assists. In fact he had 0 pts the entire game, I don’t really see how that could be qualified as playing well. Jeremy played well 1st half. Rockets had only 2 assists the last 10 minutes of the 4thQ. Seems McHale doesn’t trust his starters, if they struggle for a little bit (like in 3rdQ), he just assume that they can’t be used to play in the 4th, so Lin, Asik and DMo all on the bench. Yet of course Harden no matter how bad his shots are, stay in no matter what. I’m fine with Lin getting benched if it’s justified, but last night, he had 12 pts, shot 50% from the field, and really should have been 15pts if they didn’t make that bad call on his 3 pointer, yet coach went with his backup who had 0 pts the entire game. I just hope this doesn’t happen again.

  • Tim

    I watched the game the Mavs lost last night. When Lin was pulled from the game, he was doing a great job. The Rockets cut it to within 7 points. Lin came out and never was put back in.

    I’ve watched Beverly play and when you watch both Lin and Beverly PLAY THE GAME, it’s clear that Lin is MILES BETTER than Beverly.

    Lin: plays with confidence offensively with every facet of the game from dribble penetration, jumpshot and 3-point range as well as plays pesky defense.

    Beverly: is tentative offensively/unconfident, hesitates and has no penetration ability at all, yet plays decent defense.

    For the record. Beverly has 0 POINTS, 0 ASSISTS, 0 REBOUNDS in the final 5 minutes of play and committed a foul at the end of the game, which put the team in a difficult position to win. That’s a nice way of saying Beverly blew the game.

    Also Jeremy Lin is a tremendous clutch player, known for hitting last second buzzer beaters, like the one just before the half.

    Since this blog’s writer likes to extrapolate stats so much, check these out:

    When analyzing Jeremy Lin’s stats in the last 5 minutes of games, his numbers are superior TO HARDEN’S even:

    Jeremy Lin
    26 54.2% 60.0% 78.9% 5 3 4 44 60.4% 68.0% 21.8%

    James Harden
    31 43.1% 29.4% 85.7% 12 11 4 98 47.5% 60.3% 37.9%

    Carlos Delfino
    24 38.9% 33.3% 100% 4 1 1 21 45.0% 49.2% 14.5%

    Patrick Beverly
    6 33.3% 50.0% / 1 1 0 6 50.0% 50.0% 19.6%

    So, when you want to break down stats to excuse why Lin was benched late in the 4th quarter, maybe you should use the CORRECT STATS for the late 4th quarter to make your point?

  • gigi G

    Apparently, you haven’t figured out the trick.

    You know why Harden played longer minutes last game against Mavs in Houston. Because Lin got 21 points with 24 mins, McFail has to let Harden got at least 21 then rest him even if Rox was leading a lot.

    Yesterday, Lin played so well, actually, it was “too” well which McFail couldn’t accept if Lin played better than Harden again. But in fact it was, Lin was 5 of 10 in 24 mins, Harden was 5 of 17 in 39 mins.

    In McFail’s mind, Lin has to be benched if he played better than Harden. He wants to prove he was not stup.d while Dantoni proved he was last season.

    BTW, according to your “re-calculation”, Beverley should be an all-star. But why he has to go to Europe to make money?

    Talk to you too much. Hope you understand based on your low IQ and lower BBall IQ.

  • Hues

    im wondering if the 48 min is effecting the stats

  • BNE

    WOW! I just know that rocket got a ALL STAR POINT GUARD , LOL, stupid blog
    16.7 points, 9.2 assists, 7.6 rebounds, 3.2 steals, 1.2 blocks and 3.2 turnovers
    A point guard can get 1 block/ game, LMAO
    Almost Double Double Every Game, is that RAJON RONDO?
    I dont know you understand basketball or not……..

  • Curits

    I just want to ask, who is your future? Lin or some guy out of nowhere?(not to disrespect to anyone but not only Beverly case but also Toney Duoglas in the past.)

    If Lin’s your future structure, He deserves the playing time on the court.
    He just making Lin unsure about himself.

  • ForTheLin

    One problem with your statistical analysis is the same that haters point out about Lin last year–it is too small a sample size to be significant for Beverly. Let Beverly play out a season like Lin and see how he does. Lin is doing that now. Beverly does give a burst of energy when he comes in, but it’s ridiculous to keep Lin a clutch player on the bench in the 4th.

  • Fair Palmer

    Rockets lost to Mavericks on Wednesday, 3/6/13! The loss hurt deeply especially after a 136-103 victory only 3 days before.

    I cannot help wondering:

    Would Rockets have won the match if J Lin and O Asik had not been benched for the whole 4th quarter?

    Both Lin and Asik played less than 25 minutes. In contrast, Parsons
    played 42.5 minutes, Harden 39 minutes, and Robinson 28 minutes.

    The coaches’ “rotation” was again mind-boggling as both Lin and Asik
    were doing a great job scoring, assisting and rebounding. Sadly, it
    seems to be a fixed pattern that Lin (more frequently than Asik) is
    bench-bound for the 4th quarter whether he performs well or not.

    The coaches penchant to bench Lin (and Osik at times) not only made
    the games less appealing, but may have cost us the easy victory against a
    below 500 team.

    Interestingly, one Dallas announcer, in the middle of the 4th
    quarter, said during a time-out, “we will see if Beverly and Robinson
    stay on the court after this…” It appeared that he secretly rejoiced
    Houston coaches’ decision to bench starters Lin and Asik.

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      The game plan of McHale and the trades of Morey are most debatable. Just hope that at the end of Lin’s contract, he will be playing somewhere else. Houston is not a place to cultivate good players.

  • Rich Jefferson

    stupid article…

  • Sungill Kim

    Your stats are trumped by these
    0: the number of wins last night
    0: the number of points Beverly scored
    I like Beverly but he is the backup. We need Lin and Asik on the floor in the 4th

  • ThisVoice

    Okay….This article is a complete waste of internet storage space. 1) Beverly’s stats are usually against 2nd units and not to mention garbage minutes 2) Can he pull off 30+ points against Tony Parkers? 3) Can Beverly run ANY offense? 4) Court Vision? 5) Basketball IQ? 6) Proven clutch performance? You probably dont know Beverly got 0 points against Mavs last night?You want to use an even smaller sample size to justify Lin’s already small sample size. Get out the here

  • CJ127

    Hey man, read your article and i think you do have a point. I am a huge Lin fan just let you know. It would be great If you can spend some time listening to my opinion.

    First, We don’t merely judge players based on their stats. We judge them on their performance on the court. Beverly is a high energy guy. Every time he comes off the bench he puts energy into the game within limited playing time: rebs, asts, blks 3 pointers shooting and more importantly, he plays better defense and runs the Rockets offense more effectively than Lin. He is a facilitator to this team while Lin whose biggest strength is drive to the basket has to play a pass-first pg at Rockets because of Harden. In other words, if Lin tries to stand out or play like he was in NYC, Harden won’t get too many chances to shoot the ball and that would be a problem. When you’ve got a scoring machine like Harden at backcourt, you care more about anything else but points from your pg. That’s why Lin is often benched in the crucial 4th quarter (what he can do Harden can do better) while Beverly gets to play.

    I’ve been studying Lin’s games since he became a Rocket this season. Yes, inconsistency has been his biggest problem. He must overcome that if he wants to be a “Real“ NBA Star regardless of his popularity across the world and I believe he has the potential to get there. Back to his game, he usually finds rhythm after 4-5 mins into the 1st quarter and starts shooting the ball quite well since. However, 3 mins later Beverly plays and he gets benched for the rest of 1st quarter and usually the first 3-5 mins of 2nd quarter. He was red hot but you benched him. That’s not the way to continue shooting well from the field. Also, two underlying issues: Lin’s wage and hype (I don’t wanna say race). Those are the reasons why people will go at him, play harder on him particularly pgs around the same age but don’t get much credit as Lin does. I’m not trying to say people play easy on Beverly, but it’s a fact that he is relatively little-known and has nothing to lose. People go at Lin to prove themselves while they don’t do the same on Beverly.

  • Northerner

    McHale is going to be under heavy scrutiny from now on… the loss to the Mavs is starting to expose the fact that he either dislikes or doesn’t trust Jeremy Lin. It’s part of a bigger trend and people are realizing it. Not playing Lin and Asik in clutch time is an error in judgement. Benching them in favor of Beverley? Come on now.

  • ESPE

    hey , if you did watch the game or understand the game, you can tell that Mavs did have game plan for Lin (not PB).

    the following is from Mavs side reports about PG position~

    “……Darren Collison (seven points, five assists, three turnovers)? He’s been forced to come off the bench at least once behind every single point guard Dallas has had on the team this season, this time behind Mike James………….. He was unable to stay in front of Jeremy Lin …… for much of the game. I fail to understand how a player as fast as Collison has such poor lateral movement. Lin repeatedly beat Collison to the middle of the floor which is counter to the Dallas philosophy of forcing a ball handler towards the baseline. I also don’t understand the recovery angles he takes once he gets beat as he often ends up on the side of his man instead of in front of him. Towards the end of the first quarter, after Lin had scored two consecutive layups on him, Collison was unable to get over a screen on a left wing pick and roll. His attempt at recovery did nothing to prevent Lin from whipping a pass to the right corner for a Chandler Parsons three, mainly because he saddled up next to Lin instead of getting between him and the basket. Finally, we have Collison’s tendency to float mentally when he’s off ball. At the three minute mark in the third, Harden caught Collison flatfooted and found Lin making a simple back cut behind Collison which lead to a Lin lay up. A starting point guard in the NBA cannot make the kind of mental errors Collison makes with alarming regularity…….”

    * not mention PB any word~

  • Robert Keng

    Lol beverley finally played in significant time vs 1st unit, and the result?

    0/2 0 points 2TOs 7 assists.

    Yes he is comparable to Lin alright.

  • CGambino

    Dumb article. Sure, your statistics show similarities, but you dont mention the fact that Lin is a starter night in and night out playing 30 plus minutes ( although not recently) against the best players on the court. Beverley, on the other hand usually only has to play like 15-18 minutes so hes more fresh and he also gets the benefit of playing against teams second unit. Lin is obviously better and the fact that you would even compare the two is insulting to Lin, never mind the fact that you are suggesting Beverley’s better. Unfortunately, Coach Mchale has a similar thought process as you and does not realize that maybe if he played his starting PG during the 4th, the team wouldve won

  • Nikkolas Chia

    say you’re not a hater, but deeply you trully are.

    say you’re a realistic but you aren’t.

    Not gonna say it, but I too, will say it.

    Doesn’t matter if the Rockets win and Lin have terrible game. But they didn’t. And he did not.

    the internet has spoken

  • a z

    If Beverley and Lin are so similar, why wouldn’t McHale play the more popular Lin? McHale is devaluing Lin, an 8 million player, for a bench player. You should only play Beverley if he was better than Lin, not if they are the same. Sports is about confidence, and McHale is making it worse for Lin. By the way, did Houston win with Lin on the bench?

  • Pissofffan

    I think Rockets love to give new guys opportunities even there is only 20 games left before play off. What a great Coaching team! They are willing to trade their play off spot with playing new guys who just on board for less than couple weeks. I saw 50 million dollar sitting on bench for the whole 4th quarter. Maybe Mchale think Morey is stupid to sign Lin and Asik who are not worthy to play at 4th quarter. High talented cocah like Mchale can see a future superstar PB and TR and would like to give them a chance at the 3/4th of the regular season. Wishing they can use 1/4 of the season becoming a savior of rockets. The result is, my prediction, Rockets lose their post season spot and McHale lose his job.

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      Asik blocked lots of shots.

  • NBAreality

    Houston cannot make the playoffs otherwise they lost the first round pick this year, I read it somewhere.

  • Denzel Boksingero

    “I think Lin and Beverley is a good combination at point guard. I also think that whoever is having the better night should play.”

    –Good point. But the scoreless Beaverly is better than Lin in the last game against the Mavs? Not defensible at all. Bev’s 7 assists: 3 of it were made when the ballhogging Harden sat. Even with 28 points, Harden was the main problem in this loss with his ballhogging and playing PG that failed to capitalize on Parsons and Lin’s strengths. Remember, the Lin-Parson combination made the Mavs gave up in the 3rd quarter in the March 3 game. I don’t have a problem with your point that those having a better night should play. This rule should also apply to Harden. Please stop defending Kevin McHale. Lin was a key factor in the Rockets’ dominance against the Mavs last March 3, he at least deserved to play in the 4th quarter last game. I’m Lin fan but also a Rockets fans. I’m so pissed that McHale ruined my team’s chances to win this game because of his bias against Lin.

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      In all the blowouts rockets did, Lin was leading the pack. Lin is one of a kind franchise player and that is why the owner insists having him back. Nevertheless, it is the other staff that is a problem to let Lin give the best.

  • moscindy

    You have the right to write anything but don’t think we are stupid. We can tell who is Lin hater.


    As long they both plays well then it’s ok but Lin is better than the rook. Period!

  • yoeddy

    The article should have been 2 letters long…

  • ThisVoice

    Is Beverly still better than Lin after 0 points 3 straight games in a row with 20 plus minutes?

  • william escobedo

    one thing I don’t understand is way about brooks ….a beast at the 3 point line that would go great next to James harden

  • Sam

    Yes there are Lin Lovers as well as Lin haters and apparently KYLE ADAMS is a Lin hater. I wasted 5 min of my life reading this garbage.

  • a z

    No need to argue with you because by your own analysis, it is the wrong decision. If Lin and Beverly is the same, why play Beverly? You only bench your starter if the bench guy is playing better, not if they are playing the “same” as you cliam. Nevertheless, beiing a lifelong Lakers fan (since the days of West), please trade Lin to the Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will have the rght coach and fans that would love hime since Lin was born in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • plansmaker

    Patrick Beverly is very athletic and a good shooter but a poor field general. If you watched Rox and Magic game, Beverly and 2nd team offense almost give away a sure win in 4th quarter. Beverly, D Mo, Anderson and T Rob were helpless in a Magic’s 24-4 run. erased all the 24 point Rox lead given by starters. With exception of Greg Smith and Carlos Delfino, the Rox seond unit is worthless and weak. Beverly foul twice in 4th been forbeen too aggressive, missed 3 crucial baskets by forcing bad shots within 2 minutes to play in a 5 point game. Thank god for Smith’s crucial blocks in defense and Delfino’s clutch shooting to save the game. Delfino redeem himself save the game..