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Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors Rematch

This will be the third meeting between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. The Rockets have won the first two games, including a blowout in their first meeting. Both games have been very physical and I would expect the same tonight.

Stephen Curry has been killing it all season long. He’s showing the league that he is the best shooter in the game and nobody can stop him. Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley both need to have big games to counteract Curry’s strong play.

Andrew Bogut will be out due to an injury so the Warriors will be forced to play small ball. You most likely see Omer Asik go up against David Lee. Both guys are among the best rebounders in the league.

Another great scorer in the Warriors lineup is Klay Thompson, but he’s definitely no James Harden. Both guys will put up numbers but I expect Harden to get the better of Klay.

The x-factor of this game in my opinion is Chandler Parsons. He’s been on a hot streak of late and the Warriors play just as bad of defense as the Rockets do. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finish as the leading scorer for Houston.

The key to a win in this game could be whose bench produces the most. Nothing against the Warriors but the Rockets should definitely win this battle, especially since Kevin McHale has started giving Francisco Garcia valuable minutes, which he deserves.

This is a very crucial game for both teams. The Rockets are sitting in 7th place in the Western Conference and two games behind the Warriors for the 6th spot. This game means a little more for the Rockets who are just a half game ahead of the Utah Jazz. The Rockets have been a bad matchup for the Warriors so far. Hopefully this continues.

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  • Patrick Lewis

    You’re a dumbass. How much money do you make writing this horse shit? Acting like you know something about basketball lol probably played high school ball and failed half your classes smh go to Red94 or the dream shake, then devise a new formula because you’re shooting off from the wrong end right now son

    • Kyle Adams

      Acting? No actually i don know. I’d like to see what you know if you anything, since all you’re doing is being immature by hiding behind the computer screen why you bash me. I did play high school and graduated from high school with a scholarship. Sorry i’m not ignorant like someone who goes on a site calling someone an idiot but doesn’t have a reason for it. Go to Dreamshake or Red94 if you would like. Losing one view is DEFINITELY not going to phase me.

  • Tim

    Look at the Lin hating article. “Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly both need to have big games to counter Curry”. Huh? You mean LIN needs to have a big game, because there’s no reason on Earth that a 12th man Euro-castoff SCRUB should be matching up against nor playing big minutes against a bigtime player like Curry. LIN should be matched up EVERY MINUTE on that star player because LIN is the Rocket’s only star point guard. Get it through your head Kyle, BEVERLY IS A EURO-CAST OFF ROOKIE SCRUB and should NOT be getting anymore than 10-12 minutes against the bench of the other team.

    • Kyle Adams

      Euro scrub castoff??? HAHAHAHA. Revaluate your basketball knowledge, because obviously it’s not good. Lin is a good player but not even close to being a star. Bev averages half the numbers that Lin does in half the time, so basically you’re saying Lin is a castoff as well. Be respectful or find your news somewhere else.

      • Tim

        “Euro scrub castoff??? HAHAHAHA. Revaluate your basketball knowledge”

        Where was Beverly prior to where he is now? D-League & Euro-League. He’s an NBA ROOKIE and there are literally HUNDREDS of “Patrick Beverly’s” in the world right now. Each one just as capable. I watched Beverly play. He’s a spot up jump shooter who needs a screen and/or a defender to leave him alone before he can score. That means he’s AT BEST, a “John Paxson” type PG. Beverly has ZERO ability to create and his penetration relies literally on a defender to fall asleep before he takes someone to the rack.

        Jeremy Lin on the other hand is able to burn people and create. I believe it’s a CRIME to put Jeremy Lin in the role of spot-up shooter and WASTE his abilities like this. He’s every bit as capable as Harden to score and create as a MAIN threat. Beverly has NONE of that ability. All you have to do is WATCH THEM PLAY and you know this.

    • Kyle Adams

      Roasted me with statistical facts? Are you 12 years old? Look at the stats i posted, you can’t deny that in an way, if you do you’re ignorant. You calling Lin a star is a joke. Stop listening to the media and stop watching ESPN, because they’re roasting your brain, sir. Lin has the bigger upside over Bev but two weeks doesn’t make you a star. Comparing him to Magic, Bird and Jordan is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. And if you even think for one second he’s better than Kyrie Irving than you are the dumbest basketball fan i’ve ever incountered.

      • Tim

        Look at the stats? There is NO WAY Patrick Beverly is EVER going to score avg 16 pts, 7 assists, 3 stls and a block per game. Not even if he played 38 minutes a game and had free reign to shoot as much as he wanted. Why do I know this? BECAUSE I WATCHED HIM PLAY AND HE’S AT BEST A JOHN PAXSON “LITE” TYPE PLAYER. Beverly is currently a rookie, fresh off the D-League and Euro-League tour. He’s NOT, I repeat NOT even a 7th man. He’s a 12th-man SCRUB.

        Jeremy Lin is capable of scoring 25 pts, 8 assists, 3 stls, 5 rebs a game with 38-40 mins per game and given full reign to do what he wants. Beverly simply doesn’t have that ability, period. Jeremy Lin can create his own shot and lead an offense as the CENTRAL SCORER. Beverly doesn’t have the game to do that, PERIOD.

        Get your head out of you nether region and start writing things realisitcally.