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NBA Off-Season: What is Jeremy Lin Up Too?

The last time we checked on Jeremy Lin, he was ailing from a chest injury as the Houston Rockets, were exited from the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, on their home court. Ouch!

Well what has Jermy been up too?

In a Pro-Am game over the weekend in San Francisco, Lin dropped 45 points. 45 points in a Pro-Am game is slightly impressive, based on the majority of his points coming from layups. What wasn’t impressive about his play was his matador defense, and of course, getting dunked on.

Away from the court Lin continues his humanitarian efforts.

In this second #heroeshangout, Jeremy Lin chatted with military heroes from across the nation via Google+ Hangout. In the Google Plus hangout organized by Veterans United Network, Lin gave his best advice for on and off the court, his role models on and off the court, advice to someone who’s picked last or feels other doubting him, and his experience of Linsanity, where he went from rags to riches.

The military members also expressed their appreciation for Lin’s living out the value systems that are worth emulating and for being a positive role model for both the young and old. In response, Lin said that part of the reason why he wanted to have this conversation on Google Plus with military members is to express his gratitude for their works that are much more important than basketball.

Lin also said his weakness is his left hand and outside shooting, which he had been working on during the offseason. Speaking of off-season, the Houston Rockets not only drafted a point guard Isaiah Canaan in this years draft, but then put Lin on the trading block. Of course the Rockets would want a starting point guard in return. Rumors of Jose Calderon from the Detroit Pistons as an option have been flung around.

There is also Greivis Vasquez who is 6’6″ and is coming off a breakout season. Vasquez’s 12.6 assists per 48 minutes ranked him third in the league last year, behind only Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul.

Whatever the case, it appears as though Linsanity may be on the move.



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  • Tony Wu

    Phillip get another job. Writing is not your strong point. So much hatred and jealously in your writing is just low. How low can you get?

  • hernandez

    Ok to sum up, Lin = good humanitarian bad baller. Can’t block an alley oop off the backboard by a 6’8″ professional player from Europe.

    Also here’s an unsubstantiated rumor that has absolutely no chance of going down. Here’s my Christmas list on who Houston might manufacture out of thin air so I don’t have to see me no Jeremy Lin on da floor at Compaq Center .

    did I sum up the post succinctly enough? You’re a good writer dude. Don’t let the Chinese guy below me get you down. You got skills. Your English teacher wrong and, possibly, racist.

  • imroxfan

    Hey Pyle, Your intension is hidden in the lines: you want to say Lin may be a good person, but at best a so-so player.

    If not, why don’t you mention besides 45 points, Lin also got 15 assists, and 3 steals from the opponents that including a few current NBA players. I would say it’s pretty impressive.

    Also, he got dunked on from behind, not in his face. Apparently you’re so ignorant to tell the difference. LeBron got dunked on by a high school kid; do you want to repeat that story too?

    Shame on you. Irresponsible, and lousy journalism.

  • Kwok Wai Lai

    Jeremy was dunked on from behind in a fast break situation by a much taller player. You’re not being fair and objective. Shame on you.