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Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin Has More Fans Then Playing Time?!

The Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin, has a notably huge fan base. Not only is he popular in Houston, but he still has fans from his time in New York, with the Knicks, and in California with the Golden St. Warriors. Of course he is extremely famous in Taiwan due to his family’s heritage, but Lin also has a huge fan at a Houston newspaper entitled CultureMap.  Chris Baldwin, CultureMaps’ news director, and managing editor let loose on a post on Monday morning criticizing the Rockets allocation of minutes for Jeremy Lin.

Here is an excerpt:

  McHale is stubbornly holding back his own team. Whether he cannot see the truth staring him in the face or simply doesn’t want to see it, does not matter at this point. Lin’s shown he can play at a level that neither Beverley or Brooks are capable of reaching. He’s carried a team offensively before. Heck, he’s carried these Rockets in stretches.

Houston simply doesn’t have enough weapons to win in the playoffs if Lin continues to be benched and banished. Offensively is where its recent meltdowns have come. The pathetic finish in Atlanta after that 11-0 start. The second half implosion for the ages against the Thunder at home.

Francisco Garica and Omri Casspi are both much too inconsistent shooters to be counted on nightly. Chandler Parsons is a true third star only in Never Never Land. James Harden’s individual brilliance and Dwight Howard’s power and underrated heart will mean little in the end if Jeremy Lin isn’t allowed to be a point guard.

The entire post is a hatchet job to the Rockets head coach Kevin McHale and a cry for more minutes for Lin. Unfortunately for Chris he failed to take a look at what the stats show. Over the 2013-14 season Lin has averaged nearly double the minutes that Aaron Brooks has, Lin - 30.9 minutes per game, Brooks 17.8 minutes per game. The notion that “Lin’s shown he can play at a level that neither Beverley or Brooks are capable of reaching” is also inaccurate. Aaron Brooks earned the Most Improved Player of the Year award during he 2009-10′ season scoring 19.5 points per game. Lin has yet to score that many per game, and Brooks made 209 three-pointers that season to lead the league and is ranked 24th in most three-pointer makes in a season.

I’m gonna let Chris slide on the Parsons bashing, and add this graphic showing the stats of the Rockets three point guards.

Lin, Brooks, Beverley Stats

Maybe Chris is not aware that the Rockets have been using their three point guards in a three-headed monster sort of way. When they are all healthy each has an advantage that can be utilized to aid the Rockets. Lin, the highest paid point is better at running the offense and the teams best passer. Brooks is the best scorer of the three, and Beverley is by far the best defender.

In the end, I applaud Chris for his blindsided pro-Lin post as it will bring him numerous comments, and page views, but next time he should not let his emotions based on a couple Rockets games mold his argument.



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  • Jack Liu

    hmm.. dont mean to be grammar nazi, but I spot a few mistakes here:

    “Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin Has More Fans *Than* Playing Time?! ”

    “The notion that “Lin’s shown he can play at a level that *neither* Beverley or Brooks are capable of reaching” is also inaccurate.”

    • LaDonna McKinzie McKinzie


      Hey, “Grammar Nazi,” the first word of a sentence should be capitalized, and your sentence structure is a bit awkward without the use of an article or some kind of descriptive word preceding your use of the word “grammar”.

      However, since this is a sports site, who really cares?

      • Jack Liu

        RMAO! do I look like I am *trying* to be a writer for a media publication to you?

        To answer your question. Readers care.

        If professional writers can’t even differentiate between “then” and “than” in the title, why do I bother spending time reading what they have to say? it makes us want to uninstall / unsubscribe to prevent fansided push notifications from sending us articles with such laughable mistakes.

        My question to you is, This is “comment” section, why do you care?

  • K76154

    Beverley BY FAR THE BETTER DEFENDER? That’s the best JOOOKE I’ve heard so far this year. Lin’s defense is BETTER THAN Beverley. Beverley is the “more aggressive” defender, but not better. Aggressive defense = better defense is the fool’s gold of defense. Look at your favorite stats:
    DRtg(Points allowed per 100 possession)
    Lin: 109
    Beverley: 111
    Neither are league top level, and part of that is because they have to cover Harden’s league worst defense, but Lin still wins. And look at the opposing PGs’ stats in last 10ish games Lin started. Most of them performed very poor and well below their average. And most of them were above average or even top PGs in the league, including:
    Tony Parker
    Mike Conley
    Jrue Holiday
    Isaiah Thomas
    Jeff Teague
    So all these PGs simply just coincidentally had a bad game when Lin was defending them? Not likely if the list is this long. So the fact is that Lin is a good defender. Much better than many people think.

    And look at how Beverley did when he faced some of these guys earlier:
    Tony Parker: 13/27 27pts
    Isaish Thomas: 7/12 19pts
    Beverley the better defender? Excuse me?

    So, sorry, while all Huston medias and the Rockets team tried very hard since last summer to convince people that Beverley is the better defender because he is more aggressive, so he should start to improve the defense, that’s simply not the truth. Lin is the better defender, because while he is not aggressive, he is smarter, and knows how to best leverage team defense to limit his opponent. That doesn’t look impressive when you look at his defense on TV, but that’s more effective and can also keep himself out of foul trouble.

    Lin is the best passer, best playmaker, best scorer, and best defender among Rockets PGs. There’s no one thing in the world that Beverley does better than Lin. Oh, there may be one, which is passing more balls to Harden so Harden can shoot at will. And that looks like the reason why Beverley, who won’t be named as starting PG in any other 29 teams, is starting for the Rockets.

  • swagcity hooptown

    Looking at your “author info”, how are you qualify to be writing a sports article? You compare stats from different seasons with different team mates that makes everything ill-logical. Do you have an ax to grind with Chris Balwin? I think your the one that is writing based on your emotions.

  • 7iger

    Seen a dying site desperate for clicks.

    • 7iger

      I mean your site.

  • Ido Amir

    Hey Phillip,

    If you don’t even proofread the TITLE of your “article”, please do us all a favor, and don’t publish ANYTHING.

    It just so happens your amateur typo (or, God, could it have been a habit of yours, to replace “than” with “then”?? I know people who do that… I shiver at the thought..) is by far not the most amateurish thing you wrote here.

    A word of advice – before you risk what’s left of your credibility and name, trying to match up with professional writers such as Chris Baldwin, go back to school, practice the do’s and don’ts of any type of writing, then continue and take a few statistics classes (you need them badly), then, once you’re able to get a passing grade in those, and provided basketball still exists in the year 2381, maybe then, try publishing an article again.

    But until then, Please.

    Shut the F up.

    • Phillip Pyle