Jan 10, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling attends the game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. The Clippers defeated the Lakers 123-87. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets Players Not Allowed To Comment On Donald Sterling Situation


In a matter of 2 hours Saturday morning, the leaked comments from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling became the main focus.

TMZ came out with an audio recording where a male voice, allegedly Sterling’s, talks to his girlfriend V. Stiviano about a picture she took with Magic Johnson that was posted on her Instagram. It then escalated to Sterling questioning her about her association with minorities, and orders her to not take pictures or bring black people to Clippers games.

While many players, former players, coaches, and those around the NBA have given their thoughts on the situation, the Houston Rockets’ front office have asked their players to not comment on it at all.




This is just the latest episode of Sterling’s long documented behavior that involves actions or comments perceived to be borderline racism. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has already stated that the league is investigating the situation.

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  • Charles

    He has been baited.

    “Why CAN’T you be walking publicly with black people?” (Because she want you to say she can’t!)
    “I DON’T want you to have hate……I want you to love them…..In you whole life….every single day of your life.”

    “is that a real issue, or you are making something up?” (How is that being racist?)
    “There is nothing wrong with you or your skill color, why are you saying these thing?” (she is baiting you)
    “I don’t have any hate on anything…” (Except she is claiming you did)
    “It is all lie, I love the black people……” (Wow the media is good twisting people words around!!!)
    “….You don’t have to, but if you want to do it……” (getting bait by the girl friend so badly.)
    “….You are a borned fighter….” (no she is a born scammer)
    “Why are you forcing something down my throat…..” (because she is baiting you to say the wrong thing.
    “…..I’ve know him….and he should be admired” (except the fact he plan to buy your team by setting you up.)

    In conclusion, he just responding to his girl friend privately and sometime he seem to be beaten because the tension she maybe cheating behind his back. That is how angry people talk. She is baiting with words. Not once did he said he hate black people from his heart. He just got baited. Just listen to the recording, the only person that continue to bring up the subject is his girl friend. She has a motive to begin with. She made the recording???

    • http://workwithbarrycanada.com/ Barry Canada

      That is the silliest response I have ever read. Yes, he was probably baited, most likely because he has said these things to her in the past. That’s the reason why she was sure to record the conversation and ask the right questions. Did you hear them say that they have had this discussion before, that she said she would remove black people from her Instagram? Guess you missed that part. Anyway, you are part of the problem. You want to blame the media for twisting his words when there is absolutely nothing to twist. We all heard what he said, we know of the past issues he has had regarding race, and we can listen and ascertain for ourself that this guy is a racist and that he shouldn’t be an owner of an NBA team. She may have been motivated by greed or revenge to make the recording, but I don’t care at all about that. That’s his problem for being with a woman like that. The only thing that matters is what this guy said [with his mouth].

      • Charles

        I agreed I didn’t hear any of their converisation prior to this recording. So did you heard anything that I didn’t hear? Please enlight me how you can come into concolusion you knew what was say behind close door? According to the US Supreme Court the presumption of the criminal defendant is best described as an assumption of innocence that is indulged in absence of contrary evidence. In another word, a man is innocent until proven quilty. Evidence an proof are needed. As you has implied, The only thing that matters is what this guy said [with his mouth]. So tell me wihich time frame on the recording that he actually say anything that is racist under his own will? Or are you just assuming? You do know what happen when you assume things, right? Please don’t turn this into another OJ Simpson trial.

        Most importantly, as much as she is trying to bait him to say something racist. His responses sound very sincere. There were times that he may have replied in frastration and say something that may sounded racist. But in general, he didn’t make any racist comments about black people. If he did, please let me know in which time frame he said it on the recording. Just because people don’t agree with you do not make them part of the problem. It become part of the problem when people assume things without evidence.