Nov 9, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander walks off the court after a game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rockets Owner Les Alexander Wants Donald Sterling Out Of NBA

One thing is clear for Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander: he wants Donald Sterling far away from the NBA after meeting with commissioner Adam Silver over the racist comments made by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.


“I thought that there’s got to be a way to disrupt him from owning the team, I gave him the sword to deal with this. I said, ‘Let the players become free agents. This kind of behavior can’t be allowed in the NBA by owners, players or anybody. This guy has no place in the family of the NBA. Whatever it takes, we have to make sure this kind of event never happens again.

I mentioned that to Adam(Silver) I don’t think he can be removed because the constitution (of the NBA) only allows him to be removed except for gambling. I’m not sure that legally can be done. But if he loses his players, nobody is going to want to go there. He’ll only be able to get a player that is worth $2 million and will play for $12 (million.) And who is going to want to coach there? If you’re a player in the NBA you don’t want to play for somebody like that. If you worked for a company, you would walk away and say, ‘I’m gone.” I think the players should have that right.”

Silver is scheduled to deliver a press conference Tuesday afternoon over the NBA’s investigation into the Sterling comments.

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  • Greg Hill

    These are bold remarks from the owner of the Toyota Center. A venue that has held concerts not only in the past but will in the future. How many of these concerts and events were there entertainers that not only sang songs with racially inflammatory lyrics but speech as well? For providing a forum that promotes racism as well as making thousands of dollars doing it makes L. Alexander a hypocrite. How many other NBA owners do the same? Jay Z was a minority owner of the Nets not long ago and his racist lyrics and speech are ignored by the black community. After what Jesse Jackson said about Jewish people he remains a civil rights leader? Let’ continue to stone the white racist and not only ignore but promote the black. racist. Nice strategy.

  • Milich Kosanovich

    If Adam Silver follows Les Alexander’s advice then he is simply providing Sterling with legal issues he can fight against in court. The league has put up with Sterling for thirty-three years and nobody had an issue with him until he finally became successful enough to build a championship contender and one of the most financially solvent and valuable franchises in the league. The Clippers are one of only two franchises to have zero debt.

    The most disturbing aspect of the league trying to steal the Sterling family franchise is Donald is 81 years old. Lets face reality, he won’t be around another thirty-three years. Why is the NBA trying to take the franchise from his family? Isn’t that tantamount to being just as racist as Sterling himself? I mean a lot of White people will have one bad encounter with a Black person and suddenly to them all Blacks are bad people.