Feb 19, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin (7) is defended by Los Angeles Lakers center Robert Sacre (50) at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Daryl Morey Magic: Rockets Unload Lin’s Contract

While there were reported to have been several takers for the contract of Jeremy Lin and his $15 million backloaded contract, it ultimately ended up that the Los Angeles Lakers bit, according to Sam Amick of USA Sports.

The move was done posturing to clear the room to sign free agent Chris Bosh (per ESPN), but he ultimately decided to remain with the Miami Heat.

Lin’s contract expires at the end of the 2014-15 season, so this will clear cap room for the Lakers at that point. The specifications of the first round pick were not specified, but the Lakers are also said to be responsible for giving the Rockets an “overseas player” and cash.

It’s a bit hard to get excited about the mention of some unknown overseas player, nor cash, but the motivation for clearing Lin’s contract was rather obvious.

While the Rockets may have struck out on Bosh, the dominoes should begin to fall rather quickly with LeBron James and Chris Bosh already having chosen their respective fates.

The real issue is late breaking rumors that the Chicago Bulls are nearing an agreement with Pau Gasol. Gasol almost certainly would have become plan B after Chris Bosh.

The main issue at this point is finding a veteran 4-man to compliment Howard, and preferably one capable of stretching the floor. Bosh and Gasol both perfectly fulfill those needs, while the young Terrence Jones is still a work in progress.

While many Rockets fans will lament the loss of Lin, it serves as a move which could ultimately better the team. And Morey needs not feel compelled to spend just because the cap space has been created.

Rajon Rondo will be a free agent next summer, heading an enticing crop that the bucks could be devoted to. Even should a top-tier free agent not be signed this summer, the chance was taken to obtain Bosh and Lin’s production can easily be supplanted with a mid-level contract (e.g., D.J. Augustin or Rodney Stuckey).

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  • Lord Byron

    “Daryl Morey Magic?” Is that headline supposed to be ironic? Bosh and the rest of his free agent pursuits all played Morey for a fool and now Morey just lost the team’s best point guard and got nothing in return. He cleared $8 million in salary cap, but he no longer has a team — no Bosh, No Lebron, No Melo, no Lin, and no Parsons — unless they pay him 15 times what they could have paid him a week ago. Somewhere, Dwight Howard is kicking himself for choosing this team — with its hapless coach and pathetic management. Now Jeremy Lin will show how wrong McHale and Morey have been all along for doubting him. He gets to join a team with a record of legacies and a mentor in Steve Nash. Everybody here got what they deserve.

    • westseadoc

      Maybe the free agents took a look at the team make up and how it was molded/melded by McFail. If you are looking for a championship out of these disparate pieces of a puzzle, you are delusional. These players are pros … they want big money and they want to win or look as if they are going to win sooner than later. They probably saw promises not kept to Asik and Lin and noticed preferential treatment for a ball hog without defensive credentials and no discipline for that star, etc and decided that “I’m going to be paid bank here and won’t have the future mess of a failing coach who was just fired, etc.”

  • Lakers4Life!

    It comes down how the organisation treat their players.. the way promises were made and broken to suit a new comer. it simply show.. your flavor of the month until something new and better come along. CYA Asik, CYA Lin, CYA Parson. Parson thought as part of the recruitment team, he was VALUED.. and when the price got too pricey.. he was palmed off quick than you can say Ariza!

    Now, with pretty much the core players gone.. we have Haren and D12… oh bev (the team leader..) and bunch of left overs… even the solid backups are gone.

    thank go im a lakers fan….

    As for lin.. big fan but still think hes too rough on the edges.. but LOVE the idea that NASH is there to help give him guidance and advice on how to be a better PG. it can only go up!