Kevin Love & Rajon Rondo Realistic Options For The Rockets?

After missing on Chris Bosh and allowing Chandler Parson to walk, Darryl Morrey only has one thing on his mind, how can the Rockets add another star player? I have asked myself this same question and I would be very surprised to see Morrey pull this one off via trade.

As of late, the most obtainable “star” players appear to be Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love. Both players would instantly turn the Rockets in a championship contending team. Though, after clearing the roster to make room for Bosh and letting Parsons walk, what else do the Rockets have left to offer for a star player? As of right now trade pieces the Rockets hold are Terrance Jones, Dontas Montejunas, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi, Alonzo Gee, Nick Johnson, Isaiah Canaan, Robert Covington, one 1st round pick in each year until 2020, and five 2nd round picks in 2015. It would be a steal if the Rockets turn any combination if not every single one of these players and picks into Rondo or Kevin Love. I will be paying very close attention to see if any of these rumors move forward.

Now, there are more realistic options the Rockets can go after to fill their need of a point guard or power forward. Restricted free agents Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe are still available and it is looking more than likely that their respective teams will not re-sign them. The Suns made a trade a Isaiah Thomas and the Pistons had a log jam in their front court and signed Jodie Meeks, Caron Butler,  DJ Augustin, and Aaron Gray to multi year deals. Bledsoe and Monroe are no Rondo and Kevin Love but they are both good players and would be even great role players next to James Harden and Dwight Howard.

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  • Michael Lamb

    You’re right Bledsoe is no Rondo. He is better. He can do everything Rondo can but he can also shoot. Also Bledsoe is 4 years younger and hasn’t hit his ceiling yet.

  • Renjr84

    Phoenix has already said they are matching Bledsoe not to mention the Rockets don’t have the funds to sign Bledsoe or Monroe

    The Suns have tons of money and getting Thomas for only 7mill a year is what the Rockets should have done

  • JohnE H-Town

    I don’t expect to land either of these guys in Houston.

  • Donald Blazon