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The NBA Releases a Preseason Schedule. Not that it Matters…

By FanSided Staff
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You and I probably wish for a lot of things. Personally, I wish that I could drive everywhere in an Aston Martin, have season tickets to all of my favorite teams, and go on extravagant vacations. All the NBA wants is a season. Unlike the NBA, however, I don’t pretend that I do the things I wish for. The NBA has done just that. They’re pretending that they will have not only a season, but also a preseason.

To anyone who knows anything about the NBA lockout, a preseason schedule is about as relevant as someone predicting the next rapture – there is a small chance it will happen, but it just won’t. The players and owners have far too much work to do. The two sides are miles away on several issues.

But, for anyone who cares to know, the Rockets’ preseason schedule is as follows: