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The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery comes and goes. Houston Rockets stuck at 14 for third consecutive year


Chandler Parsons represented the Houston Rockets at the NBA Draft Lottery in New York to try and bring the mediocre team some luck. It’s been ten years since Houston took Yao Ming with the number one overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft.

For the third straight season the Rockets will be selecting with the 14th overall pick. Very depressing for me and the rest of Red Nation, but not at all surprising. The Rockets will also be selecting with the 16th overall pick. They can do a lot with two top 20 picks. Will they stay put or try to do something with them is now the big question in Clutch City. has the Rockets selecting senior Tyler Zeller, a center out of North Carolina with the 14th pick. They also have the Rockets selecting sophomore Terence Ross, a small forward out of Washington with the 16th overall pick. Two guys i think will have solid NBA careers.

I personally don’t  see why the Rockets would draft Terrence Ross when they already have Chandler Parsons and Marcus Morris at that position who they drafted just a year ago, unless they are looking to trade Marcus Morris? Or move Ross to the shooting guard spot? Ross has a lot of talent and athleticism. He can play defense, pass, shoot and fly high for a dunk. I like the Tyler Zeller pick if the Rockets stay put at 14. The Rockets need a center who can score and play defense. I think Zeller could be a legitimate NBA center. Maybe he’s not a superstar like Dwight Howard, but he can be a guy who you can depend on to play hard on a nightly basis for the next 5+ years.

Will the Rockets stay put at 14 and 16? Will they move up or down? Will they trade the picks? I think all of these questions are running through GM Daryl Morey’s head as your reading this.

Tyler Zeller highlights

Terrence Ross highlights