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Houston Rockets reportedly shopping Samuel Dalembert with the 16th pick


It was reported today that the Rockets are working on a deal that will include Dalembert. Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) of HoopsWorld tweeted this:

“The Houston Rockets are shopping Samuel Dalembert, according to sources. He may be packaged with one of Houston’s first-round picks.”

Dalembert has made it clear  that he wants to remain in Houston.

“No,” Dalembert said in an exclusive interview with HoopsWorld when asked if the Rockets have given him any indication what they might do. “They have so much to figure out this summer for themselves. I’m just going out there and making sure I get myself ready whether they keep me or not. I Just have to stay ready.

“I like it in Houston. It’s a very nice city. The people are very hospitable. The people are really good here, nice. It’s a good organization. I enjoy myself with the guys. We had good times, fun times.”

The Rockets could be attempting to make this trade to move up into the top 10 in the draft, but don’t think for one second Houston won’t try and make another deal by flipping the pick somewhere else for another big man, like say, Orlando?

The Rockets front office has come out and said that nothing is happening and that they like Dalembert’s contract. But when a franchise comes out and says nothing is happening, that’s when you know something is happening. Either way the draft is a week away and i expect the Rockets to be in the headlines very soon.