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LeBron James gets his ring. Miami Heat blowout the Oklahoma City Thunder


LeBron has been waiting 8 long years for this moment. The kid from Ohio will forever be remembered as a champion. I have been one of his biggest critics over the years, but after this my mouth is shut. I always knew he had the talent to be a champion but i didn’t think he had the heart, and boy was i wrong.

This game was over from the tip. LeBron was taking no chances of losing out on another chance of winning a title. I call game 5  his most clutch game of his career, simply because from the start he played with a sense of urgency. He never let up, even in the closing minutes up by over 20. LeBron getting a triple-double seemed very fitting.

After game 1 the Thunder looked completely lost. Couldn’t defend the three or LeBron. The Heat got every shot they wanted. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook showed so much heart and will to win, but in the end they just couldn’t do it by themselves. James Harden never once showed up. He was the biggest reason the Thunder only got one win in this series. I still think the Thunder had the better overall team, just didn’t put it all together. Mark my words, they will be back next season.

Dwyane Wade did what he had to do, take a step back and let James take control. This is now LeBron’s team and there is no questioning that. Chris Bosh is the most underrated player in this league. The big three played off each other so well in this series. By far the best they have ever played together.

If you read my article about the NBA Finals being rigged i still believe game 3 and 4 were, but game 5 was not. All around fair officiating aside from the flagrant foul called on Derek Fisher. No excuses for the Thunder, the Heat outplayed them in every aspect of the game.

All the LeBron James jokes, all the criticizing and every bad marketing decision he ever made just disappeared when he hoisted that trophy. He is the triple threat. Regular season NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP and most importantly a 2012 NBA Finals Champion. Congratulations to LeBron and to all his fans that i know who have already given me hell about him winning.

Congratulations to the 2012 world champion Miami Heat.

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