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Report: Houston Rockets looking to get a lottery pick to trade to Orlando for Dwight Howard


It’s been a crazy couple of days when it comes to rumors in Houston.

Last night Kyle Lowry went to twitter (@Klow7) and tweeted this:

“It’s been real.”

Doesn’t seem like much, but those three words made Red Nation go crazy with the possibilities of him being traded and for what. Lowry said after the season ended either him or coach Kevin McHale had to be moved because their relationship couldn’t be repaired. It looks like the Rockets are choosing McHale and rising star Goran Dragic over the out of sync Lowry.

There have been reports the Rockets have been looking to move into the top 8 of the drat. And the Toronto Raptors (#8) and Sacramento Kings (#5) have made it clear their picks are up for grabs. Both teams love Lowry and adding him would be a huge upgrade at point guard for both franchises.

The Rockets are said to be very high on big man Andre Drummond out of UCONN. This kid is only 18 years old and has shown a lot of talent, but at this stage he is very raw. I expect the Rockets to bring back veteran center Marcus Camby to show Andre the Ropes if the Rockets do select Drummond and keep him. Drummond already stands at 6’11 275 pounds and could be the future of the Rockets or he could be the next Hasheem Thabeet. The Rockets are all about taking chances.

A new report say the Rockets are trying to trade up into the top 8 only to trade the pick, Kyle Lowry and others to the Orlando Magic for superstar Dwight Howard. Since the trade deadline the Rockets have found themselves obesessed with Howard and even though he could walk at the end of the season they would still like to do a “rent-a-Howard” and try to convience him to stay long term. The Rockets would have to give up a lot. If the Rockets get a top 8 pick that would give Orlando two picks in the top 20 to go with one of the better point guards in the league in Kyle Lowry. The Rockets could also throw in Samuel Dalembert, Kevin Martin or another player to sweeten the deal.

I think the Rockets and GM Daryl Morey are doing the right thing in pursuing a big man, if it’s through the draft or trade. With Morey running the show you have to look out for trades that you never saw coming. Morey is on a different level when it comes to NBA GM’s. Pairing Drummond or Howard with Dragic would be a fantastic duo.

The Heat are having their parade as of right now and the Rockets have already put their name all over the recent NBA rumors. I don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Even after the Rockets make a blockbuster move i expect another one to follow. Keep your eyes open Rockets fans, you’re in for a show.