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Trade Rumors: Rockets offer Kyle Lowry and picks to the Kings for Tyreke Evans and 5th pick


The rumors just keep on coming in. A few hours ago it was reported the Rockets offered Kyle Lowry, the 14th and the 16 overall picks in Thursday’s NBA Draft to the Sacramento Kings for Tyreke Evans and the 5th overall pick. “It’s up to Sacramento to decide.”

Kyle Lowry would get his wish of being traded away and starting off fresh in a new city. I think he could be the missing piece for the Kings who lack leadership and a true point guard even with the emergence of Isiah Thomas. He would help the Kings actually make a run at the playoffs which hasn’t happened in years.

Tyreke Evans had a bit of a down year last year but he is still only 22 years old. He fits a Rockets need and it rids the Rockets of Kyle Lowry who doesn’t want to be in Houston if McHale remains as Head Coach. Evans numbers are actually better than Lowry’s and he’s 5 years younger. I think Evans has the skills to be a star player in this league if he puts it all together.

If this trade goes down i expect the Rockets will use the 5th pick to dangle over the Orlando Magic to try and pry away Dwight Howard. Houston wants to get two top 10 picks to try and persuade Orlando to deal away their star. If this deal happens it will hurt the Rockets chances of getting the Raptors pick which has also been rumored today with Lowry going there. The Rockets would have to start getting even more crafty with their trade scenarios and i think GM Daryl Morey will have no problem with that.

Could you imagine pairing Dwight Howard with a backcourt of Goran Dragic, Tyreke Evans and Chandler Parsons? Not to mention that  Donatas Motiejunas is on his way from overseas and the Rockets are really high on him, as am i . That could be a deadly starting five for any team in the Western Conference. But will it be enough to get Dwight and keep him? Only time will tell, but things are certainly starting to get interesting.