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Welcome To The New!


If you haven’t been paying attention (and we like to think you have) the FanSided Network has been going through some changes over the last few months.

We’ve updated all of our team blogs to FanSided 3.0 in an effort to give you the most content on the sharpest looking sports sites out there. As a result, we put off redesigning our flagship site,, because we felt it was more important to give the new digs over to our readers and editors to enjoy first. Now that almost the entire network has switched over to 3.0, we’ve finally been able to give a bit of a makeover.

As you can see, the new looks pretty much like all your favorite team sites. While this is a clear upgrade over the site’s previous look, this isn’t the final product. We have big plans for a bold new look for and we’re working on those designs as we speak. For now, we wanted to give our home site a breath of fresh air.

Still, this isn’t just a coat of paint. will now not only be featuring the best content from around our network, it will be sporting unique features and news posts provided by some of our most talented and devoted writers.

In short, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Be sure to make part of your new daily rotation of sports indulgence.

Thanks again for your support everyone and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best fan-focused news and views on the net!