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NBA Draft: Houston Rockets select Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, Terrence Jones


The draft came and went, and left Rockets fans disappointed once again. The Rockets biggest hole was at center after trading Samuel Dalembert and Marcus Camby being a free agent. They didn’t select a center, but selected two more forwards which didn’t make any sense. You can only have 12 players suit up on a team. The Rockets have a total of 9 forwards right now. Yes, i said that right. It started out promising when Houston selected Lamb with the 12th pick, who will take Martin’s place on the team, Then it went all downhill from their. I give the Rockets an overall grade of a c-. It’s not the players fault, all three have a lot of potential, but the two forwards have no place on the Rockets team. GM Daryl Morey and Owner Les Alexander failed once again to please the Houston community.

Jeremy Lamb

Lamb has the potential to be the next Kevin Martin, but with better defense. Due to this pick Martin will be dealt. Jeremy Has a great shot, can drive to the hoop, handle the ball and look for the open man. He’s 6’5 with a very long 6’11 wingspan. Very smart kid with a bright future. Great pickup for the Rockets. I expect big things from him.

Royce White

I don’t see where White fits in with the Rockets unless Houston makes multiple trades. He’s a very nice scorer and plays a solid defense. The Rockets love to draft tweeners, which is a player that has some skills at both forward spots, but struggles at both spots as well. and that’s what Royce is. I’m willing to bet this kid gets traded soon.

Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones is yet another player who is considered a tweener. He plays great defense, he’s long and very athletic. He needs a lot of work on the offensive end. I think Marcus Morris has more upside than Jones and White. Jones is a raw player with a lot of talent. Has a lot of potential, i just don’t get the pick for Houston. They already had multiple forward’s who play the same game as him.

I expect to see a lot of trades from the Houston Rockets soon. You can’t go into the season with 9 forwards and half of them play the exact same way. This draft had so much potential to be great for the Rockets franchise, but fell very short of that. The Rockets missed out the player they wanted badly in Andre Drummond, then made head scratchers with the selections they did make outside of Jeremy Lamb. I see Lamb sticking around but not the two forwards. If Morey doesn’t do something soon he could be out of a job along with coach McHale. Will Les Alexander ever figure it out? Doesn’t seem like it. Houston stuck in mediocrity once again.