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Houston Rockets Free Agency: Goran Dragic asks for $10 million a year


Reports today have said Dragic is asking for $10 million a season. If the Rockets don’t pay it, another team will.

Dragic lead this team to a winning record last season and should be rewarded for it. Without him the Rockets would have been under .500. As a starter last season, Dragic averaged 18 points, 8.5 assists, 3.5 rebounds and and 1.8 steals in 36.5 minutes a game. That’s All-Star numbers, and numbers never lie.

I know the Rockets getting a center is a huge priority, but resigning Goran should be number one on Houston’s list in my opinion. I know there’s a lot of talented point guards in the league and the Rockets still have Lowry, but Dragic proved what he was worth last season. The point guard position is the quarterback of the team. Without a top point guard your team could struggle with the better teams. Dragic is a top 10 point guard already and hasn”t reached his full potential just yet.

If the Rockets are smart they grant Dragic his wishes by giving him the contract he wants. He has also said he has to know he will be the starter. Lowry is a good player and a starter for most teams, but there is no question who Houston would rather have. Most people might not think it’s a big deal if Houston lets Dragic walk and Keep Lowry. Don’t forget that Lowry has come out and said his relationship with Coach Kevin McHale can’t be repaired. Lowry is a hot head that doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get what he wants. The Rockets season turned around after Dragic took over. Dragic is the better player and the better person. Dont’ underestimate that or you will regret it Houston.