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Houston Rockets Free Agency: Omer Asik agrees on three-year deal


According to sources, Center Omer Asik and the Houston Rockets have agreed to a three-year deal woth $25.1 million. Asik is a restricted free agent, which means the Chicago Bulls have three days to match the Rockets offer.

If the Bulls don’t match the offer the Rockets will finally get what they have been missing since Yao Ming retired, a legitimate starting center. Asik’s offensive game is nothing to be excited about, but he more than makes up for it with his rebounding and shot blocking.

Last season for the Bulls, Asik averaged 3.1 points on 50% shooting, 5.3 rebounds and 1 block in 14 minutes a game. By looking at his stats most casual basketball fans are probably wondering why he will make $25.1 million. He only played 14 minutes a game. Lets say you double his minutes, he would then average 6.2 points, 10.6 rebounds and 2 blocks a game, and that’s just 28 minutes. I can see Asik playing 30-35 minutes a game as the starter.

With Asik as the starting center, he will sure up the Rockets interior defense, which was one of the worst in the league last year. He will get a legitimate chance to show his skills as the main center and not be behind Joakim Noah any longer. Asik will be a top 3 defensive center in my opinion. He has all the tools, he can shut down his man, play help defense, one of the top shot blockers and can out rebound just about anybody. Omer is very fundamentally sound. He doesn’t give you much offensviely, but that’s not why the Rockets went after him. I do see him working on his offensive game with Coach Kevin McHale in the offseason.

At 7’0 tall and 255 pounds, Asik will be a force in the middle for the next three years. I dare even the most skilled big man to challenge him, or even a guard drving through the lane. He will send your shot back with ease and he rarely gets boxed out. Rockets fans might be wondering why Houston showered him with all that cash, but soon they will find out how underrated Asik really is. Thank you to GM Daryl Morey on doing a great job grabing Houston’s next big thing. Meet the latest big man to dawn the red and yellow Rockets fans, Omer Asik.