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Houston Rockets Free Agency: Daryl Morey meeting with Goran Dragic today


It was reported that today GM Daryl Morey will meet with free agent Goran Dragic. Dragic has said he would love to come back to the Rockets, but obvious things have to happen in order for that to be a reality.

With Kyle Lowry on the trading block and Asik agreeing to a three-year deal, the Rockets top priority is bringing back Dragic. It was reported that Goran is asking for $10 million a year and wants to play for a contender. The teams with the most interest are the Rockets, Lakers, Raptors, Suns and Nets. With The Lakers he would have to take a pay cut, The Nets would only want him if Deron Williams left and the Raptors are more interested in Canadian Steve Nash. The Suns and Rockets will most likely battle it out for Dragic’s services.

Dragic has a spot in his heart for both the Rockets and Suns. Phoenix is where he began his career. It seems clear that Houston has the best chance of landing Goran. The Rockets can pay him what he wants, give him the starting job and have the brighter future with the recent trades, draft picks and free agent signings.

If the Rockets can land prized free agent Goran Dragic it will lock down their starting center and point guard positions for at least three years. Houston has a lot of assets and i expect some trades to happen before the start of next season. The future is looking very bright for Houston, but if Dragic signs elsewhere it will leave a glaring hole at the point guard spot even with the hot-headed Kyle Lowry still on board. Give him what he wants Morey, you won’t regret it.