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Houston Rockets Free Agency: Goran Dragic and Rockets “far apart” on deal


GM Daryl Morey and Head Coach Kevin McHale greeted Goran Dragic at the Toyota Center today. They expected to get a deal done quickly. Boy were they in for a rude awakening.

One unknown source said that a deal was “not going to happen” and that Dragic would play elsewhere. One thing i’ve learned being apart of sports journalism is that you can’t believe everything you hear. More times than not these “sources” are wrong. With that being said it is still very disturbing to see.

It was reported that the Rockets were offering Dragic $8 million a season, but he’s looking for at least $10 million. I think the Rockets offer was very fair. Maybe Dragic just wants to explore his options first. Most players want to explore everything before they make a final decision. He is meeting with his former team the Phoenix Suns tomorrow. The Rockets are the frontrunners to land Dragic, but i think the Suns have the second best chance of landing him. Goran still has a soft spot for the Phoneix franchise and i expect he would choose them if the Rockets can’t get a deal done with Dragic.

There is still plenty of time for the Rockets to resign the highly sought-after point guard, but they may need to up their ante a bit to get him. I find it very hard to believe the Rockets will let him walk because they wont pay the extra $2 million a season. It’s possible that Dragic goes elsewhere, i just think it’s highly unlikely. Don’t panic to much Rockets fans, the Dragon still has a legitimate chance to stay put.