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Houston Rockets and Donatas Motiejunas agree on multi-year deal


A day after his FIBA clearance, Motiejunas signed a four-year deal with the Rockets, with a team option on the third and fourth seasons. They came to an agreement just in time for D-Mo to join the Rockets at the Toyota Center in Houston for the Summer League workouts.

Donatas has said he’s worked on everything the Rockets told him to focus on while spending another year overseas.

“They told me a lot of things they want me to focus: defense, especially one-on-one defense,” Motiejunas said last month. “They want me to improve my strength so that I could fight more with the guys under the basket. That’s my own wish is to improve in everything; for every skill to be made perfect. I want to be one of the best players. I’m working on every part, not just doing something half way.”

Motiejunas is a fantastic scorer. He can post up, shoot the three, mid-range jumper, hook shots, great passer, you name it. His strength, defense and rebounding were the three things he needed some work on. For him to be able to succeed in the NBA, he needs to be able to bang with the big men.

I personally think Motiejunas has the skill set to be a top big man in the NBA. He has all the offensive tools, just needs to be able to do it on the other side of the floor. If he can put it all together he could possibly be the next face of the Houston franchise.