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Houston Rockets forward Marcus Morris needs to play big in NBA Summer League


Marcus Morris was drafted 14th overall in the 2011 draft by the Houston Rockets, and hasn’t done much since. To be fair, it’s not his fault. Kevin McHale has used Morris very poorly. Most of Morris’ minutes have been in garbage time. The rest have been at the end of the first quarter and he’s never to be seen again. Morris hasn’t made a significant impact only because he hasn’t got a chance to. How does anyone expect a rookie to do anything significant in very limited minutes? With all this being said Morris needs to step up quick or he will most likely be shipped out soon.

Some people might think i’m crazy, but when i think of Macus Morris the first thing that comes to mind is Carmelo Anthony. They both have the same type of game. Both can back you down, shoot over the top, great mid-range jump shooters, can bring the ball up the court and can out big his opponent down low. Morris and Carmelo both struggle defensively, Carmelo is more of a lack of effort, Morris is more of he needs more reps to get use to the NBA style of play. They both are also tweeners, which is a mix of small forward and power forward. Morris can score on anybody, but struggles with quicker small forwards and with bigger and stronger power forwards. Morris also uses it to his advantage on the offensive end when given the opportunity.

Last season he did not impress. Marcus averaged only 2.4 points on 29% shooting and 1 rebound in just 7 minutes a game. His numbers are unacceptable, but so was the way he was coached.

McHale doesn’t trust most rookies for whatever reason. Why he trusted Parsons? I have no idea, but luckily he did. The Rockets did have Budinger and Patterson as backup forwards, but at times when they struggled McHale stuck with them or gave their minutes to someone besides Morris. Marcus was named the 2011 Big 12 Conference Player of the Year and made the NCAA All-American Second Team, but the way he was coached you would think he was some guy brought out of a park in Philly.

The Rockets Summer League starts tomorrow night at 5. Morris needs to make a huge impact in the next week or he could possibly be on his way out, sit down to the D-League or find himself at the end of the bench once again. I think he has all the talent in the world. If you had to ask me i think Morris can and will have a great Summer League camp, and he will need it to stick with this team and all the forwards they have acquired this offseason. Time to Clutch up Morris, it’s your time to shine.