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Jeremy Lin signs Houston Rockets offer sheet


Jeremy Lin has officially signed a three-year $25.1 million offer sheet with the Houston Rockets today. The new York Knicks have three days to match the offer. He will make $5 million in the first year, $5.225 million in the second year, and $14.8 million in the third year. The backloaded contract could possibly scare off the Knicks, which is why it has been reported they will use all three days to think it over. Most sources have said the Knicks will match the offer, but in the NBA things can change quickly.

If the Knicks don’t match, the Rockets will have the face of their franchise. Lin in my opinion is a little overrated, but still a very good point guard. I think he has the potential to be within the top 10 point guards in the NBA. Signing Jeremy would fill a huge hole left by Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic.

If the Knicks do match the offer sheet the Rockets will continue to be without a legitimate starting point guard. The Rockets do have Toney Douglas, Shaun Livingston and Scott Machado who can play point, but i’m not sure any of them are capable of being starting point guards. Machado has a lot of potential, i just don’t think he can run a team as a rookie.

Jeremy Lin is one of the most popular athletes in the world right now and his presence could help the Rockets organization greatly. Houston already has a wide fan base spreading all the way to China thanks to Yao Ming. Signing Lin would only strengthen that and would help Houston get more nationally televised games on ESPN, TNT and ABC.

Hopefully the Knicks change their mind and let Lin walk. If not, Houston will still be left with another hole to fill.