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Omer Asik signs Houston Rockets offer sheet


Omer Asik has signed the exact same contract that the Rockets offered to Jeremy Lin. Three-years $25.1 million. Daryl Morey outsmarted the system once again using the “poison pill” on the third year of the contract, which will pay Asik $14.9 million. I think it’s safe to say Asik will be the newest member of the Houston Rockets very soon. The Bulls have three days to match the offer, and it has already been reported they’re looking at Darko Milicic as Omer’s replacement.

Is Asik worh that contract? Not at all. But in this day an age if you’re a 7ft tall big man and do one thing really well, you will get rewarded for it heavly. Asik will have to prove he can play starters minutes and live up to the contract.

Asik has the defensive talent to make some NBA All-Defensive teams and even win a Defensive Player of the Year Award. Offensively he is below average, but that’s not why he got this contract. The Rockets will have plenty of guys who can score the basketball, but they will need major help with interior defense. That’s Asik’s specialty. He will lock down that paint every second he is on the court. He is a big man stopper, something the Rockets have needed since Yao Ming retired.

Asik is only 26 so he fits the rebuilding process. The lineup will most likely be Lin, Lamb or Martin, Parsons, Motiejunas and Asik. They may not make the playoffs or win many games for that matter, but they will be very exciting to watch.

The Rockets are finally having some things go their way within the past week. Hopefully this is the start of a winning franchise.