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Team USA will not lose in the 2012 Olympics


I understand USA got a scare from Lithuania, but do you really think they can be beaten? It’s not impossible to beat them, but it almost is. This is the best Olympic basketball team since the 92′ Dream Team. The basketball talent around the world is much better than it was in 1992. Anybody can get a lucky break. Team USA played terribly and still pulled out the win in the end against Lithuania.

Kobe Bryant is the leader of this team, while LeBron, Durant and Carmelo are the guys taking over offensively. Kobe is the old man on the block, so he doesn’t have to do much. He lets the younger guys takeover and steps in only if needed.

Carmelo Anthony has been the MVP of Olympic basketball so far. LeBron and Durant have had some really nice games, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from them. As the Olympics go on, i see Durant and James having a major impact in the games. Those are USA’s two best players, and if Carmelo can continue his hot shooting streak it will be very difficult to defeat team USA.

USA also has the ultimate combination of point guards with Westbrook, Paul and Deron. Paul and Deron are more distributers, but can take over if needed. Nobody on the floor can stay in front of Westbrook. He brings a lot of energy of the bench, and his mid-range jumper is beautiful to watch.

The only chance of Team USA being beat is by Spain. USA has only Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler as their big men. If the Gasol brothers on Spain can play at an elite level, USA could be in major trouble.