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Olympic Basketball 2012: Team USA defeats the classless Team Argentina 126-97


At the half it was a real nail biter. Argentina would not bow down to the star powered Team USA. Ginobili was showing why he is an NBA Champion and All-Star talent. But the second half was a different story. USA turned back into who they really are. The best players on the planet.

When the second half tipped off, LeBron looked to be the guy who was going to take over the game. He scored the first 7 points of half number two for Team USA. He did have a great game with 18 points, 5 assists and 3 rebounds, but Durant stole the show.

After LeBron put up those 7 points, he got the ball out on transition and made a great pass to Durant for the throw down dunk. After that it was all over for Argentina. Durant scored 28 points and was an amazing 8-10 from behind the arc. He also grabbed 4 rebounds 4 assists and 3 steals. In my last article on Team USA i said that when the going got tough, LeBron and Durant would be the guys to take over. That’s exactly what happened tonight.

If you didn’t get to catch the game you might have missed when the two teams got heated. Carmelo went up for an open three, and as he was coming back down from the shot Facundo Campazzo slapped him in his groin intentionally. Carmelo made the shot, but fell down immeadiately after being hit. Thankfully he was only down for a few seconds, but after that cowardly move, both teams began to bark at each other. Scola even got into a confrontation with USA Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Classless move by the Argentina team, especially by Campazzo, but also by Scola . You play in the NBA, which is in America. How about showing America and Team USA some respect? Thank god my beloved Houston Rockets got rid of you and your childish play.

After it settled down, USA continued to dismantle their opponents. Russell Westbrook fittingly dunked on an Argentina player and put his groin in his face while doing it, turned around and stared at him. That’s the America i love.

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