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Where will Tracy McGrady land?


T-Mac is far removed from his glory days with the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets, but i still think he has some quality play left in his only 33 year old body. Who will be the team to give him that chance? It’s tough to say, but i guarantee you he will be a role player for a team next season.

McGrady hasn’t exactly been “T-Mac” since the 2007-2008 season. The last two seasons with the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks Tracy has been relegated to the bench. Last year for the Hawks, McGrady had his worst season of his career. In 52 games, he averaged 5.3 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in just 16 minutes a game. He shot very well, shooting 45% from three and 43% from the field. But with guys like Joe Johnson and others taking all the guard time, McGrady got minimal playing time.

Although Tracy had his worst season as a pro last year, i think he could potentially have a bounce back season and career, similar to Grant Hill. They both had similar knee issues. They both took years to recover. And both guys were once superstar players. I think McGrady could possibly be a three point shooting, defensive stopping, point forward role player. Tracy has a high basketball i.q and could definitely run the point guard duties if needed. He doesn’t shoot near as much as he did as a star because he’s more of a team player. He looks for his teammates who are open, instead of jacking up shots on three defenders, which we use to love so much.

I think teams like the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers could, and should, take a shot on McGrady. They could both use a guy off the bench that could play multiple positions. McGrady could step in on a contending team and actually have a chance of making it to the Conference Finals for the first time in his career.