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Houston Rockets are interested in Eduardo Najera


A report has come out that the Rockets, Timberwolves and the Nets are all interested in Najera’s services. He last played for the Bobcats last season, but his year was cut short after he took an inadvertent elbow to the head against the Bucks. He had to have surgery to repair a fractured frontal lobe in his forehead in April. He’s fine now, but is torn between playing and coaching.

Najera and the Mavericks have been in talks of making Eduardo a coach after he retires.

“I’ve actually been talking to Donnie (the Mavs GM and the owner of the D-League Texas Legends) for two years about someday going into coaching,” Najera said. “Hey, if I’m going to retire, I’ve got to start doing something, right?’

Najera became the second player from Mexico to play in the NBA. He was the first to ever get drafted. His career averages are 5 points on 48% shooting and 3.7 rebounds in a 18 minutes a game.

Last season he played in only 22 games for the Bobcats. He averaged 2.6 points and 2.3 rebounds in 12 minutes a game. His last two seasons have been the worst of his career.

I don’t see where he fits with the Rockets. Houston already has 7 or 8 power forwards. Najera is 36 years old and closer to retiring than producing for a team. I have given up trying to explain or learn GM Daryl Morey’s logic. The Rockets are a young team going through a rebuilding stage. The only sense i can make of it is maybe the Rockets want Najera to be a leader and role model off the bench. To be a player coach for the young guys in front of him.

Whatever Najera does he will have some value. He is respected around the league from the players, to the coaches. to front office executives.