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Zoran Dragic is heading back to Europe


After playing for the Houston Rockets in the Summer League just a few weeks ago, Zoran is taking his talents back to Europe and signing with Unicaja Malaga. Now the Rockets will miss out on the services of both Dragic brothers.

According to reports out of Spain, Dragic is on the verge of signing a two-year contract. The deal should be done by the end of the week.

Zoran has always wanted to play in the NBA with his brother Goran. In two years it can still happen, but for now it wasn’t meant to be. Goran was a free agent during the offseason and the Rockets brought in his younger brother Zoran to play in the Summer League maybe to persuade Goran to stay, but he didn’t, and it left an awkward stamp on the Rockets offseason. You lose out on resigning one of the top free agents of the offseason, but gain his little brother who has yet to make a name for himself in America.

Zoran played in four games for the Rockets Summer League team, averaging 6.3 points and 2.3 rebounds. I must say i was impressed with his play. He didn’t show amazing athleticism or anything spectacular, he just got the job done. He reminds me a lot of his brother and Manu Ginobili. He attacks the basket and finds the open man or challenges his defender at the rim. He can shoot the ball some and plays some hard nose defense. I think he has a future in the NBA as a guy off the bench that brings energy and tough defense.

In two years i expect Zoran to be back in America playing in the NBA.