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Trade Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder interested in Jimmer Fredette


A rumor has started circulating that the Oklahoma City Thunder are said to be interested in former first-round draft pick Jimmer Fredette. After a strong season by Isiah Thomas and the signing of Aaron Brooks, the Sacramento Kings may look to deal the struggling point guard.

Jimmer was drafted 10th overall by the Kings in 2011. The Kings had high hopes for the All-American from BYU, but he never looked comfortable. He may have only one season under his bealt but i think it’s time the two part ways. The Kings have no need for him and Jimmer’s development will only continue to stall at the end of the bench.

In his only season in Sacramento, Jimmer averaged 7.6 points, 1.8 assists and 1.2 rebounds in 18 minutes a game. Not exactly what you would expect from a 10th overall pick. What’s even more stunning was his shooting percentage. He shot just 38% from the field and 36% from downtown. Jimmer is widely known for his spectacular shooting. In his final season at BYU he averaged 29 points a game on 45% shooting and 39% from behind the arc. If i had to bet my money on it Jimmer will have a huge rebound year shooting the ball next season. Jimmer is just to talented of a shooter to have below average shooting percentages.

Jimmer can definitely find a job as a shooter off the bench. But if he ever wants to be more than that he will need to understand the point guard position better. Jimmer struggles finding his teammates even when open. He needs to drive to the basket more often instead of always settling for a jump shot. Defenders expect him to shoot everytime he touches the ball, and he bails them out by doing just that. If he can figure out when to shoot and when to drive to the hole it will help out his shooting percentage greatly. Jimmer also struggles defensively. This may never change, but with more practice and more experience on the floor he could cut out some of his flaws and abilities he lacks.

With the Thunder, Jimmer could play both guard positions. The Thunder could begin to start Harden and bring Jimmer off the bench to be the instant offense for the second unit. He could also be apart of a winning team going in the right direction, something the Kings have been trying to do for multiple years now.

For now, Jimmer is stuck in no man’s land at the end of the bench in Sacramento. But i think his days are numbered as a member of the Kings.