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Houston Rockets Player Rankings: ESPN Ranks Patrick Patterson #231

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Patrick Patterson has moved up this season to number 231. Statistically he had a little bit of a better year then his rookie campaign, but it didn’t really seem like it. From what i remember it looked like he struggled for most of the season. He never really took a step forward in his second season and this i why he had a sophomore slump. His shooting percentage dropped from 55% to 44%.

Patterson has come out and said he’s been working the hardest he’s ever had this offseason. He’s working on improving in every aspect of the game. With Luis Scola being cut, Patterson has first dibs of taking over the starting power forward position.

Patterson has the skill set offensively to be a starter, he just needs to clean a few things up. Patrick has a tendency of going up weak to the basket. He puts up these floaters as if he was Tony parker, except he’s 6’9, 235 pounds. He needs to work on going up strong and being able to take contact. By putting up these tear drops and not finishing like a big man should he is bailing out the defense. Patterson has a great jumper inside the three-point line, he just needs to work on his inside game.

Defensively he reminds me to0 much of Scola, and not in a good way. He’s not a big time shot blocker, nor will he pick somebodies pocket frequently, but he has the athletic ability to be able to stay in front of his opponent. But most of the time he just doesn’t. He gets beat a lot down-low, he doesn’t slide his feet and he doesn’t use his athleticism to contend shots. He has learned to much from the way Scola plays. The best way for this to be fixed is to get in the gym with head coach Kevin McHale. McHale is one of the best ever in the post on both sides of the floor. If these guys can work together Patrick could have a monster season.

Patrick Patterson has the tools and the right coach to guide him in the right direction when it comes to big man play. The Houston Rockets have multiple forwards that will be looking to take his spot. Patterson has no room to get off to a bad start. If he does he could be relegated to the bench. The Rockets may have no choice but to use him as the backup center if they can’t find someone to help out Asik. Using Patterson as a center is not the best idea, but they may have no choice. This is a make or break season for Patterson and the Rockets. If he doesn’t step up he can be on his way out by the end of the season.