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Houston Rockets Player Rankings: ESPN Ranks Shaun Livingston #280

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The Houston Rockets got Shaun Livingston in a trade this offseason from the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s still unclear what his role with the team will be, or if he will have a role at all, but he has the talent to be a very serviceable backup to Jeremy Lin. The backup point guard job will most likely be between Livingston and Toney Douglas.

Shaun is one of those players that came with a lot of hype when he got drafted in 2004. But injuries changed the course of his career. He went from being the next big thing at point guard, to a guy that is a backup at best. After 7 years of injury plagued seasons in the NBA it looks as if Livingston has finally found himself healthy in the last couple of years.

Last season for the Bucks, Livingston played in 58 games while startging 27 of them. He averaged 5.5 points, 2.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 18 minutes a game. He also found time at the forward spot. A player who can play multiple positions can be very valuable for a team. He’s an average shooter, but picks his spots well. He has no problem getting to the basket. As a 6’7 point guard he can be a nightmare for his opponent. His length can cause problems on defense and help him shoot over the top of smaller defenders. He’s not particularly great at anything, but he does everything well aside from shooting from deep.

If Livingston can continue to stay healthy i think he has a shot at making the final roster and maybe jump into the rotation. He brings a different style of game than Jeremy Lin, which i like from a backup. He will be 27 years old in just a few days, so he is still fairly young and hopefully entering the prime of his career. I’m not sure how long his career as a Rocket will last being in a rebuilding stage, but teams are always looking for depth on their bench and Livingston definitely brings that. If a team in contention has their backup point guard go down i wouldn’t be surprised if they went after Livingston.