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The Houston Rockets’ New Indoor Scoreboard Will Be The Largest In The U.S


The Houston Rockets announced some big news on Tuesday that has the sports world buzzing. On November 3rd the Toyota Center will unveil a  “state-of-the-art video scoreboard” that will automatically become “the largest indoor center-hung scoreboard in the United States.” The scoreboard should be ready in time for the home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Official Rockets statement: The new scoreboard will be manufactured and installed by Panasonic and will feature the largest combined viewing area of any indoor center-hung scoreboard currently used in the U.S. The scoreboard will contain four large screens — two rectangular-shaped displays that will face the east and west seating areas and a pair of square-shaped screens that will face the north and south ends of the bowl. The larger boards will measure approximately 25 [feet] high by 58 [feet] wide. The two end panels will measure approximately 25 [feet] high by 25 [feet] wide. All the boards will display a full HD signal with 1080 lines of resolution.

The 58-foot-long sideline-facing screens will stretch from one basket to the other as you can see in the picture above. It will cover more than half of the 94-foot NBA court. Some people have already come out and said that it is untrue that the Rockets will have the largest scoreboard in the United States.  It depends on how you look at it. The Dallas Cowboys do have the largest scoreboard in the U.S but it’s considered to be outdoor’s.

“The board will be the largest in an arena in the U.S. The Dallas board is much larger, but we do view that as an outdoor board since it has a roof,” Rockets spokesman Nelson Luis said. “Our designation was for arenas in the U.S.”

No matter how you look at it, the Rockets new scoreboard will be a major upgrade compared to the one that’s on its way out.

“We can go full screen. We can have three windows. We can have stat panels on the sides. We can have enhanced replay layouts where we have multiple angles of one replay. We can have one window that shows you the live game in progress, and the other window shows you the 
replay of the previous play. Daryl and I have already talked about getting with his staff to provide more information about the way they look at the games and getting that information to the fans as well,” Rockets CEO Tad Brown said.