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Houston Rockets Forward Jon Brockman Hospitalized After Eye Injury



According to reports, Houston Rockets forward Jon Brockman has injured his eye due to a freak accident that happened during a workout at the Toyota Center.

Brockman was hurt Monday when he was doing a workout with an elastic band used for stretching. The band slid off his foot and the recoil smacked him dead in his right eye. He was treated at a nearby hospital and released on Thursday. Thankfully the Injury will not require surgery. The team said Brockman will be monitored by team doctors for the time being.

The Houston Rockets did not set a timetable for Brockman’s return to the court. You have to think this hurts his chances of making the team even more so after this freak injury. He’s already in a flooded frontcourt with numerous younger and newly acquired players. Brockman needs all the training and workouts he can get.