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The Young Houston Rockets Are Happy Under The Radar


Dec 21, 2011; San Antonio, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin (17) drives to the basket while guarded by San Antonio Spurs forward Luke Zeller (40) during the second half of a preseason game at the AT

As the city anxiously awaits the circus that will overtake them, the expectations of the Houston Rockets 2012-13 NBA season will begin to take shape.  While nobody expects these kids to be anything more than chicken soup for the struggling contender, the ones wearing the red jerseys have a different version of the coming campaign in mind.

“We’re not coming into it expecting to lose or expecting to do bad.” “You can look on paper and you can think one thing or the other but if you have a bunch of guys who care about the team, who work hard, and are willing to put the work in, and building that chemistry, building that culture, it’s so important and i think we’re headed in the right direction.” – Jeremy Lin

These don’t sound like words coming from a team who got the memo about the “shooting for a high draft pick” strategy.  The Rockets come off as a fearless, high-spirited, free-wheeling team who are going to play with absolutely nothing to lose.  A champion is built from the neck up.  I always say that if your head ain’t screwed on right, you’re bound to step on your face.  They know that there will be hiccups along the way.  There will be games that will look like one long 48 minute rookie mistake.  But these Romper Room Rockets are relishing the bout with those moments because they view it as a hurdled cinder block on the pyramid of success.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a young team residing under the radar.  We are now that team that the 2008-09 Houston team used to fear.  The “trap team.”  The team that nobody respected enough to bring their A-game for.  Fine by me.  Red Nation should welcome the games against the contenders with open arms.

These are the times that the faithfuls were clamoring for.  We all yearned for a radical change that sparked a new direction.  No more middle of the road crap.  This will be the first result of a Daryl Morey led team built from scratch.  Ground zero.  No crazy contracts.  Mad elbow-room in cap space.  A nubile-filled club, with nary a mental-case in sight, all with a common goal.  Improve to the point of domination.