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It Will Be “A New Age” For The Houston Rockets


The Houston Rockets have revealed their new slogan for the 2012-2013 season. “A New Age” is very fitting for the franchise going forward. Many of the players the fans grew to love are no longer apart of the Rockets organization. Houston has a slew of new young prospects all looking to make a huge impact next season.

Just by looking at the picture above tells you a lot. If you didn’t know, Kevin Martin was still on the team, but he is missing from the new billboard. Just a season ago Martin and Luis Scola were the face of the franchise. Now Scola is in Phoenix and Martin has been forgotten with all the new additions. Maybe this is a sign of things to come. Not only is he not a part of the new slogan, he is also not a part of the future.

It’s no surprise to see Jeremy Lin as the main piece of the slogan. He’s the guy who is going to bring the most fans to the Toyota Center. Royce White beats out Jeremy Lamb to make the picture. He’s a very unique person on and off the court. He has already been dubbed the Arian Foster of the NBA. Now he needs to show that’s true on the court. Chandler Parsons being on the new billboard is no surprise either. He’s the leader of the team and loved by all Rockets fans. Donatas Motiejunas brings the star swagger to the mix with his appearance on the picture and for the team going forward. He thrives for stuff like this and it will only fuel him to live up to the hype.

I found it very surprising to see Omer Asik being left off simply because of how much he got paid this offseason. I know there will be many more pictures and billboards to come, but you would expect the first one to have Asik and Martin a part of it. Are the Rockets making a statement without saying anything? I certainly believe so.