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Rockets’ New Home Will Be Comcast SportsNet Houston



If you’re living under a rock or just been busy over the last month or two you might not know about the new home for the Houston Rockets. The Houston Astros and Rockets will be leaving Fox Sports Houston and will join newly launched station Comcast SportsNet Houston.  Comcast SportsNet is a part of the NBC Sports Group.

Both the Rockets and Astros will begin having games on the new station when the next season starts, which means the Rockets begin playing on their new network in less than a week. They have already aired shows involving the team and will continue to have shows based on both teams outside of just the games. For example, the Houston Rockets Power Dancers taped their tryouts and aired it on the new network.

The Houston Rockets and the Astros are also majority owners of the network. The Astros own 46.3% of it while the Rockets own 30.9% with NBC Universal owning the other 22.6%.

The Network will also air college football games from Conference USA. Teams like Houston, Rice, UTEP, SMU and Tulane will air regularly.

It really is “A New Age” for the Rockets this season. Go to for any information regarding the new network.