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Houston Rockets Guard Kevin Martin Becoming A Playmaker?



This may shock most Houston Rockets fans, but is Kevin Martin a playmaker? It seems to be that Martin’s game is still evolving. He’s working on becoming more of a team player. And with guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant becoming mega superstars but also remaining team players at the same time, that might be the right route to take in Kevin’s career.

I have always thought K-Mart was a step behind from being a legitimate star player. Last year he took another step back from that. I think with everything that happened to him last season, it got to his head. From being traded, to not being traded and over and over again. This year he can start with a clean slate and become the player Houston thought he would become.

Thanks to, I’ve gotten to see a lot of the Rockets’ scrimmages. Kevin Martin is not only still showing he can score, but he’s also making plays for others. He’s bringing the ball up court, setting up plays, finding the open man, attacking the basket and everything else that he has never showed before. He looks like a different man so far. We all know he has a deadly shot, but can he become an all around player? Can he be the leader of this young Rockets team?

I know it’s just the first week of training camp but there looks to be a Kevin Martin 2.0 forming. I can see this team potentially becoming the next Denver Nuggets, but better. The Nuggets have a team full of playmakers, but no stars. The Rockets have a team full of playmakers with players ready to take the next step towards stardom. This team has the potential to surprise the world this coming up season. Kevin Martin could be the biggest piece to the playoff puzzle.