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The Houston Rockets Will Be A Hard Team To Figure Out



Expectations are very high in Houston these days. The fans are going to expect a lot from them, maybe even too much. It’s an entirely different roster that will need some time to grow together and figure each other out. They will have four rookies who will most likely have a big role on the team, not to mention Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik who both have a lot to prove.

Fans should be excited but they should also be patient. This Houston Rockets team will have many ups and downs throughout the season. Some fans have such high hopes that they think Houston will win 50 or more games. That’s just not going to happen. This team is too young and not ready to play alongside the cream of the crop in the NBA just yet. There is so much talent on this team. So much that some players will have to be cut soon that would normally make their squad. Having a lot of talent is a good problem to have, but could be devastating for younger players.

Coach Kevin McHale has shown a tendency to bench young players and stunt their growth. I hope he learned his lesson from last year after doing this very thing to Marcus Morris, but at the same time finding a gem in Chandler Parsons. Give these young guys a chance to make an impact and see if they have the potential to help take the Rockets franchise to the next level.

Houston fans will love this team through the good and the bad. I just hope they realize this team wasn’t constructed to win now. They were put together to build for the future. Be excited, Red Nation. Just don’t set your expectations too high just yet.