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Houston Rockets: “A New Era” But The Same Problems

By Moten Kevin


Tonight the Houston Rockets will be matched up against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and it should be an interesting game. Not because preseason means much. It will be interesting because of the way the team is being marketed this year.

Fans are being promised “A New Era” of basketball which should seem hard to believe with the current coaching staff in place, and a team that is still dominated by the presence of numerous forwards. Don’t get me wrong the players are talented but so were the ones one the roster last year. The real issue is how will they be used and who will get the bulk of the playing time. Pay close attention tonight to how Coach McHale uses his plethora of forwards and if any seem frustrated on the bench, because it could be an indication of the direction this young team’s morale will head in. Don’t be surprised if you see someone like Terrence Jones get fewer minutes than Marcus Morris did last year.

Hopefully the best players will be on the court. It’s time for this team to put players in a position to showcase their talents and not waste away on the bench and gain more frustration than experience.