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Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin Is A True Point Guard

By Kyle Adams

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

A lot of people have been skeptical of Jeremy Lin, especially during this year’s preseason. Not me, I still see a lot of potential waiting to bust out. He may not be the superstar everyone wants him to be, but he is becoming the true point guard nobody thought he would become.

Lin’s shot has been terrible in the preseason. Not because he’s a bust but because he missed so much time after having knee surgery. It takes time to get your shot back. Every shooter has a specific rhythm in their shot and in order to become the shooter he was before his surgery he will need to get it back. It always comes back fans trust me, once a shooter, always a shooter. Lin has a nice touch on his shot if you go back to his Knicks days. Once he gets it back he will be the dynamic guard everyone has grown to love.

Defensively Lin has had his ups and downs in the preseason. He got schooled by Russell Westbrook in the first game, but ever since then he has picked it up. Again, some of this is due to his knee issues. Once his leg is strong again I expect his defense to be much improved from last season. He did have four steals against the Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night.

The one big thing that has impressed me the most about Jeremy Lin so far is how he has ran the team. He is definitely the quarterback of this Houston Rockets squad and does it very well. His passing has been phenomenal so far. He also got 12 assists against the Grizzlies with only 2 turnovers. He’s finding the open man with ease, especially down low. Lin and Omer Asik have formed a special bond between guard and center. They’re always on the same page and you would think they have been playing together for years.

Has Lin struggled? Yes, but he’s also showed us some things we have never seen from him. He already knows his teammates so well on the floor and it will only get better. Give Lin some time before you start to panic, Rockets fans.