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Houston Rockets: Who Has Bragging Rights In Texas?



There is no question that there is tension between Houston and Dallas fans in every sport. From Basketball to Football there is a sense of pride that everyone feels for their home team. Over the year the Houston Teams Have taken on the roll as the little brother to the Dallas franchises and the media has made this even worse by constantly painting the latter as superior in all aspects.

This prompted me to think about the state of this year’s teams and ask who will end up with “bragging rights” in Texas. Now the smart money would be on the San Antonio Spurs but we will leave them out of it for now as they seem to have the recipe for dominating the league and not just the state.

First of all, everything about the Dallas Mavericks screams broken. From Dirk Nowitzki’s knee, to the coaching staff’s relationship with its players, to Mark Cuban’s loyalty. I don’t see anything for the Mavs to look forward to except maybe being in the news all the time and having all of their issues played out on a grand stage this season. Enough about them.

There is no way Dallas will be able to hold a candle to the Houston Rockets. I am predicting 48 wins based off outscoring opponents and playing stingy defense. This young team will be reminiscent of the show time Lakers. you don’t have to take my word for it, just wait and see.